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Category: Artwork & Signs

Category: Artwork & Signs

How to Put Together A Gallery of Wall Art

One of the easiest ways to tie in the look of your rustic home furnishings and give it personality is with art. And one of our favorite tricks is putting together a gallery wall. The word gallery can sound intimidating or seem like a large undertaking, but we have a few trips and tricks that will make the project fun and infuse your cabin or country home with a unique touch.

Start with a theme. Two of our favorite themes are animals of the West or a cowboy theme. If you’re a horse lover, nothing complements rustic home furnishings as beautifully as images of these gorgeous creatures. Some of our horse-themed favorites from our Back At The Ranch Furniture Collection, include: Eastward Gallop, Jose Blinked First and Saddle Row. (Not everything has to be the actual horse. We love showcasing the equipment just as much!) If you’re a moose or bear lover, check out: Mooseberry, Observation, Red Sky Bear or Spring Bull. And it goes perfectly with any bear furniture you may have. For a cowboy theme, we love: Ranch Boots, Cowboy Puppy or End of the Day.    

Go for different shapes and sizes. One of the key elements that make a gallery wall interesting is different sizes and shapes. Have fun mixing shapes, from rectangular to square and even throwing in an unexpected round or oval. We also love playing with scale and adding in either something ultra small or oversized for contrast. Unique frames also add a great twist. Our Texas Flag piece is printed right on wood with all its knots and imperfections and gives the feel of a real vintage sign.

Grow it organically. You don’t have to put your gallery wall together all in one go. In fact, it will be much more interesting and fun if you add to it a bit at a time. The summer is a great time to pop by your favorite art fairs, markets and galleries and find unique pieces to add to your collection. Start with a couple of anchor pieces built around your theme and then keep your eye open for additional art pieces that will help complete your theme

Be lighthearted. Growing any collection should be fun and filled with pieces that speak to you and your family and showcase your obsessions, hobbies and interests. We always love to toss in one humorous piece to draw people’s attention and infuse your home décor with an air of fun. Pieces such as Bear Jams add a whimsical touch to everything from a rustic cabin to country home or ranch. Have fun with project and enjoy your new gallery wall!

Our Favorite Slices Of American


With the Fourth of July holiday just around the corner, we thought we’d highlight some of our favorite Back At The Ranch Home Furnishings home décor pieces with great American spirit. Whether you are looking for a touch of Americana or a red accent to add flair to your décor, we’ve got the perfect touch that will work everywhere from the cabin to the ranch or country home.

1. Hudson Moose Lodge Rug

We love the red-and-white checks and the nod to Americana in this fun, statement-making rug. And the moose makes everyone smile! It’s machine woven of 100% heat-set polypropylene. The Hudson Moose Lodge Rug is rich in style and value and inherently stain resistant and is available in several colors and styles.

2. The Backless Wooden Stool in red

This simple standout piece works everywhere from the kitchen to the entryway. Use it in multiples in the kitchen for a bold look or as the perfect accent in the entryway. We love it with a rustic basket on top of it to hold mail, keys, glasses and more.

3. #2 Cowboy Collage

What’s more iconic than the American cowboy? Celebrate the spirit of the West with this fun piece of framed art for your cabin interior or to add a rustic home furnishing touch to any environment. Use it as a single or buy a couple of different pieces to create a cowboy-inspired gallery.

Rustic Home Furnishings With Whimsical Touches


Nothing makes a house a home more than interesting, personal touches and home furnishing accents. And one of our favorite tricks when decorating cabin interiors is to add something whimsical to the mix when you are needing some decorating ideas to add interest.

At the top of our list is our Miniature Birch Canoe, which is a fun, spirited touch that will evoke fun-filled memories for young and old explorers. We like to think of it as a nod to endless summer camp. And it works perfectly everywhere from your cabin interior to a ranch setting and even contemporary settings that call for an unexpected warm accent.

Another favorite home furnishing accent is art. And the cheekily named Board of Directors painting is one of our go-to pieces when we needing something whimsical. This fun yet picturesque art piece, which features the backsides of beautiful horses, reminds you not to take life to seriously. We love it placed right in the entryway of a cabin or ranch home to greet visitors and set a lighthearted tone.


Bear Furniture and Décor From Way Back

Is a nice piece of bear furniture or décor on your wish list for cabin interior? If you like your design a little rough around the edges, perhaps it should be. One of our favorite ways to give a cabin a rustic feel is with a wood panel sign complete with knots and other irregularities that let you know the material came from a real tree – perhaps even one that was climbed by Ursus americanus in a past life.

The vintage style of this sign combines colors and fonts that make it seem like it could have been plucked from a wilderness road in the 1930s. Pick your own wording to make your sign even more special. For example, yours might say:

“Enjoy your stay at Great Bear Lake Luxury Bed & Breakfast: You bring the bear necessities – we take care of the rest!”