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Category: Bedroom

Category: Bedroom

Romantic Valentine’s Day Home Decor


log daybed Romantic Valentine’s Day Home Decor

It’s the season of romance…Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and our thoughts are on showing the ones we love how much we care. Since the romantic spirit is entering your life, why not allow it to infuse your home? Adding a touch of romance to your rooms is easier than you might think.

You can add some seasonal decor, like creating a red and pink dining room tablescape or hanging a heart wreath on your door. But you can also add small touches to each room that will last far beyond February 14. These ideas will help you show your rooms some extra love.

Frame a meaningful photo. Dig out a photo from your wedding you’ve always loved, find an old vacation photo of you and your sweetie, or use a picture from your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding. Have it professionally framed or find a nice vintage frame for it. Make it a focal point in your living room or foyer.

Add a little love to your bathroom. Fill a heart-shaped dish with pretty soaps, add a few decorative candles to the counter and display the hand towels you’d normally save for guests. Think of every day as a special occasion!

Pick out some soft, comfortable Western furniture. Softness is key when you’re trying to create a romantic room. Add a super-soft, oversized chair to your master bedroom or pick out a luxurious leather sofa in a light hue.

Pick out a new chandelier for the dining room. Nothing adds romance to your space like the soft lighting cast by a pretty chandelier.

Bring the outdoors in. Decorate with oversized house plants in the main rooms of your home. They’ll give your space a nice, layered look.

Experiment with romantic colors. Think outside the (pink and red) box! Blue, cream and lavender can be very romantic, too. Add some soft shades to your bedroom and enjoy the romantic vibe.

Arrange a single bloom. A large flower such as a magnolia would only get lost in a bouquet. Pick a flower that stands out all on its own and arrange it in a bow or an antique tea cup. This display will look lovely in any room of your home.

Create a gallery wall of romantic art. Your interpretation of romantic art will depend on the style of home you have. For example, if your living room is filled with tribal artifacts and Southwest furniture, frame a print of a beautiful desert sunset and build the gallery around it.

Put bouquets of flowers in unexpected places. Forget the big vase of flowers on the dining room table—find unique places in your home to sneak flowers. Create a bunch of mini bouquets and place them besides your bed, on the kitchen counter, on your bookshelves and on the kitchen counter.

Turn your bedroom into a bed and breakfast. Splurge on a soft duvet cover or a quality down comforter. Buy two bedside trays and decorate each one with a coffee cup, a saucer, a cloth napkin and a bud vase. On the weekends, treat yourselves to coffee in bed….or breakfast in bed if you’re feeling motivated.

Set a table for two. Find a corner of your home that isn’t being used and set up a small table with two place settings. Get creative with the space…next to a fireplace or window would be ideal. No matter how large your family is, you and your other half will always have a little place to enjoy a quiet meal or some dessert together.

Create pallet art. A reclaimed pallet makes a beautiful base for a message of love. Check out this tutorial for inspiration.

Set up a bar cart. What’s more romantic than offering each other a drink when you arrive home from work? Style a vintage bar cart or set aside a shelf in your dining room for barware.

Get creative with string lights. Use them in your bedroom canopy or hang them on your bedroom walls. String a strand around your bar cart or use them on your fireplace mantel. String lights always emit a soft, romantic glow.

Display your wedding date on a pillow. Paint your wedding date on a piece of burlap, attach it to a body pillow, and use it to decorate your bed.



Tips For Creating The Bedroom Of Your Dreams


It makes perfect sense: the place where you have your sweetest dreams should look like a dream come true. Still, so many of us neglect decorating our bedrooms the way we’d like to because they’re not a high traffic area. Other rooms in the home take priority, and eventually you’re left with a bedroom that is outdated and not entirely comfortable.

The master bedroom should be the most important room in the home. It may be a private space, but you spend a lot of time in it. Your bedroom is the place you go to relax and recuperate from the chaos of the world, so you deserve to make it special. Here are some tips for creating the bedroom of your dreams:

  • First, pick a theme or style. If you’re not sure which direction to take, imagine a vacation you took where you loved the hotel or bed and breakfast. Or you can imagine your dream getaway—what does the space look like? Is is a peaceful country retreat with Western furniture, a cozy cottage, a glamorous suite? This will give you a great starting point.
  • Next, make a list of all of your must-haves. Some things should be a given, like the perfect mattress and comfortable bedding. For some people, candles and soothing scents are required for a dreamy bedroom, while others prefer a more minimalist look. But keeping track of things you’ll need will help you stick to your budget while still creating the look you want.
  • The most fun part of the project comes next: the research! Browse Pinterest, buy design and decor magazines, take a trip to Back at the Ranch and watch some HGTV. There are so many how-to guides, tips and ideas for master bedrooms that you’ll soon be a professional. Once you’ve pieced together a look that works for you, prioritize the projects based on your budget and how much time you’ll have.
  • Finally, zero in on specifics: paint colors, smaller decorative details, things that truly personalize your space. While you’ll want to draw inspiration from all those posts you’ve read or pictures you’ve pinned, you also want your decorated bedroom to be one-of-a-kind. A gallery wall with family photos or a piece of unique handmade furniture are two ways to add originality.
  • A friendly reminder: no renovation will take place in one day. If your bedroom just needs a mini makeover, one weekend should be all you need to get things in order. But a major overhaul will take much longer. Allow yourself plenty of time to bring your vision to life. Home design is an ongoing process, and the master bedroom is no exception.

Remember, the great thing about bedroom decorating is that no two will be alike. No two people have the exact same vision, and there really is no wrong way to design your dream bedroom.



For Little Cowboys And Cowgirls: The Rustic Child’s Bedroom

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From toddlers to teens, decorating a child’s bedroom can be a lot of fun. Those little minds are often packed with big ideas, and you may be surprised by what your kiddos can come up with. For an easy, versatile bedroom theme, go rustic. Start by investing in some quality Western furniture and you can switch up the theme as they grow and change.

If your little ones will share a room, the best way to save space is by buying bunk beds. Even an only child will benefit from bunk beds when sleepovers with friends start or overnight guests come for the holidays. For a mountain lodge design, decorate with rich, dark hues and cover the bed with a plaid or printed comforter. Hang a pair of skis or snowshoes on the wall.

For a cowboy-themed room, paint an accent wall brown and hang a few cowboy hats above the child’s bed. Add some fun accessories, like our Boot Table Lamp, and make sure to hang a horseshoe over the door for good luck. Stack old pallets to store books and toys.

A Cozy Cottage Bedroom


The word “cottage” evokes a sense of comfort and peace, a quiet little bungalow nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’ve got a smaller master bedroom or guest bedroom in your home, adding some cottage decor will help it seem cozy instead of confining. Getting the look is both easy and fun.

Start with a nice set of Western furniture. If you’re decorating your guest room, consider using a daybed for the convenience and versatility. Mix it up with a few vintage pieces, like a trunk or a vanity.for an authentic effect. When adding the decorative details, remember: comfort matters most. Fuzzy area rugs, white curtains on the walls and plenty of lamps for soft lighting are all essential.

No cozy cottage bedroom is complete without a quilt. Throw one over the bed or hang a beautiful handmade quilt on the wall as a decorative display. For a unique twist, paint a pair of window shutters and place them behind the bed side by side to be used as a DIY headboard.

Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger


While it would be nice if we could all have sprawling suites to retreat to at the end of the day, many homes comes with master bedrooms that are on the small side. But with the right techniques, even a small bedroom can look large. Here are some tips to make your bedroom feel more like a cozy refuge than a cave.

First, avoid small furniture—it will only make your space look even smaller. Choose pieces with character, like some colorful Southwest furniture. Don’t worry about matching sets—just go with what fits. Make sure you can multipurpose some items to be used as extra storage.

Use light colors on the walls and on the floor, like earth tones if you’re sticking with a Southwest theme. You can also paint or wallpaper the ceiling to give the illusion of a larger room. When it comes to your decorative items, follow the cantaloupe rule: accents that are smaller than a cantaloupe can crowd a room. Go for fewer decorations that are larger in size, like a group of vases.

Back At The Ranch Has Your Next Mattress


Back at the Ranch is well known for its expertly made Western furniture and cabin furniture. We search the world for the most unique and often handmade items. But we also know how important a good night’s rest is, which is why we are proud to carry a large selection of high quality mattresses. Better yet, we’re able to beat almost any mattress price you can find elsewhere. Just call the nearest store for a price comparison.

Simmons mattresses use their legendary Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology and AirCool Foams. Perfect for people with sore backs or couples who sleep in different positions, Simmons is a trusted brand whose mattresses will last for years.

No furniture store’s mattress selection would be complete without the Comforpedic line. This much-loved brand is best known for its unmatched AirCool memory foam and AirCool Sleep System. Not only will a Comforpedic mold to your body, it will allow you to sleep at your ideal temperature.

As one of the oldest brands in the industry, Sealy is a trusted name. Their experience has taught them how to design outstanding mattresses and keep their customers happy.

Is it time for you to invest in a new mattress? Check out our mattress shopping tips.

Get The Look: A Cozy, Colorful Bedroom


The best part about a weekend getaway is enjoying the peaceful surroundings of your room at the hotel or bed and breakfast. But with the right bedroom, you can enjoy the feeling of a relaxing break from reality every evening at home. Create a cozy, colorful bedroom with Western furniture, soothing colors and touches of country charm.

Mixing patterns is one way to give your bedroom the look of a rustic bed and breakfast while adding a touch of whimsy. For a fresh but not fussy approach, pick just one color scheme and balance small patterns with large prints. For example, cover your largest pillows with large blue checked pillowcases and add some blue floral throw pillows.

Add pops of color in creative ways. Try a colored headboard, painting an accent wall or lining dresser and nightstand drawers.

To capture the essence of a romantic inn, arrange your personal items in baskets and trays. Place extra blankets or towels in a wooden basket in the corner of the room. Set a water pitcher or wine bottle and a couple of glasses on a breakfast tray. Your bedroom is your sweet escape, so fill it with things that will help you relax.

Your 2015 Furniture Resolutions


As the year comes to an end, it’s time to focus on those New Year’s resolutions. And while we most often make resolutions regarding our health, fitness and finances, you can also choose to make a fresh start in how you choose to buy, maintain and arrange your furniture. The furniture plays a big role in the look and feel of your home.

Start the New Year off with these 2015 furniture resolutions:

  1. Resolve to only buy furniture that is comfortable. It’s easy to get so caught up in the way something looks that you forget the comfort factor. Before you bring new Western furniture home, test it. Sit on the couch, lean back on the chairs, and lie down on the mattress to see if they will work.
  2. Resolve to learn how to take care of your leather furniture. Your leather pieces will last for many years if you give them the proper care.
  3. Resolve to only buy what you need. Pay attention to what your home really needs, not what you think you need. You don’t want your home to look too cluttered, and by buying less you can invest more time and money in quality pieces that will last longer.
  4. Resolve to invest in more handmade furniture. Often high in quality and long-lasting, handmade pieces also offer plenty of character and give your home a more unique look.
  5. Resolve to express yourself with your furniture. It’s important to express yourself fully with your wardrobe, hairstyle, home accessories and the furniture you own. Choose a style that resonates with who you are, and trust your tastes.
  6. Resolve to learn the true art of furniture arrangement. Did you know you should leave some space between your couch and the wall and that small pieces of furniture can actually make a room look smaller? In 2015, become a pro at arranging furniture. You can have amazing furniture, but if it doesn’t flow, it will still look and feel all wrong.
  7. Resolve to adopt a more minimalist approach to decorating. Clear the clutter from your furniture. Only buy what you need, and only display some of what you have. You can always swap out your accessories every season.
  8. Resolve to make your bedroom the best it can be. You spend about one third of your life sleeping, and hopefully you spend plenty of time in your bedroom relaxing and recharging. If it’s been awhile since you’ve replaced your mattress, invested in some new dressers or rearranged your bedroom set, let 2015 be the year you prioritize your sleeping space.
  9. Resolve to buy the best furniture you can afford. If you stick to the resolution to only buy what you need, that will free your budget to splurge on the best possible pieces.
  10. Resolve to try at least one new trend. Sites like Pinterest make it easy to try popular DIY projects.
Create Your Most Comfortable Cabin Bedroom


If you’re among the lucky few that have a cabin to retreat to after a day spent enjoying the mountains or ski slopes, you should make the interiors as cozy and comfortable as possible. There’s nothing like a warm, inviting space to welcome you home after a day in the cold. The master bedroom will be the place you go to rest and relax―so even if the room is compact and casual, invest in some quality cabin furniture and decor.

Keep the look of your cabin bedroom rustic with our Bear Bedding Collection or go “cabin chic” with the Cascade Lodge Bedding Collection. Keep the colors outdoorsy and natural―greens and browns in a variety of shades and textures will add depth. Warm up the room with an area rug or two. Keep the wall decor simple by adding a gallery of family photos and some mounted antlers. For a mountain lodge effect, add a rustic chandelier to the ceiling.

Create A Serene Master Bedroom


Much of your home can comfortably be decorated with bright colors, wild prints and bold Southwest furniture and style. But your bedroom should be a peaceful place, a private oasis that allows you to forget your worries and reset your mind after a long, stressful day. Fill your master bedroom with a beautiful set of Western furniture, then turn it into the serene space you deserve.

  • Furniture arrangement matters. Place the head of your bed against the wall directly across from the door if you can. Make sure you don’t have too much furniture in the room—the visual impact of open space is relaxing on its own.
  • Use a down-filled duvet for a cozy, cloud-like bed. Add some luxe accents like metallic bedside lamps.
  • If you have hardwood floors, add a few plush rugs so your feet don’t get cold in the morning.
  • Stick to soft, neutral hues for your decor. Deep blue is also relaxing.
  • Add some inspirational artwork to the walls.