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Category: DIY Decor

Category: DIY Decor

12 Creative Holiday Decorating Ideas You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

12 Creative Holiday Decorating IdeasIt’s the most wonderful time of the year… again! If you follow a lot of design blogs and decor magazines, you’re most likely being bombarded with holiday decorating ideas and suggestions. And while the tried-and-true suggestions like hanging a wreath on the door and decorated dining room table are always nice, it’s also nice to spruce things up now and then.

But there are only so many ways to hang a wreath, of course. Whether you opt for traditional red and green or try more muted hues to complement your Southwest furniture, in the end, the theme is the same: It’s the holiday season. And it’s time to decorate.

We can’t guarantee all of these holiday decorating ideas will be new to you, but hopefully at least a few of them will be inspirational and useful. Feel free to take these tips and add your own twists as you deck your halls as you see fit.

  1. Lighten up.

    Instead of traditional red and green, try going for a monochrome hue this year. Stick to silver or gold, or just decorate with red. Red will give everything a vintage look, especially if you have Western furniture. And no matter what hues you use, use plenty of string lights. They will give everything a perfect soft glow.Focus on the kitchen. Many times the kitchen is the most overlooked room in a home when it comes to holiday decorating. But think about it: The kitchen and the holiday season go hand-in-hand, especially since it’s where the delicious food is made. Swap out your dish towels and oven mitts for holiday versions. Add a little garland to the top of your cupboards. A little bit goes a long way.

  2. Make a wreath out of Christmas ornaments.

    If you’ve been decking your halls for many years, you probably have some old ornaments you’re not sure what to do with. But those silver and gold balls from the late 90s when you had a theme tree don’t have to continue to gather dust. Design your own Christmas wreath—thanks to all the DIY blogs, it’s easy—and hang it on your wall or even your front door.

  3. Hang something new over the mantel this year.

    Instead of your standard stocking display, string up some wire and clothespins and hang up your holiday cards. That way you can enjoy them without them cluttering up your mantel or tabletop, and your guests can read them during your get-togethers. You can always swap them for your stockings on Christmas Eve if you have young children living at home.

  4. Frame your doorways.

    If you’d rather not mess with your fireplace mantel, you can display your cards in another creative way: Hang garland around your largest entryway and clip your cards to it. It’s simple but beautiful.

  5. Have yourself a handmade Christmas.

    Just once, try and decorate using only handmade, DIY or upcycled items. It’s easier than you think, especially if you hit up your local craft fairs and holiday markets. You can be certain that your home will have a one-of-a-kind look.

  6. Consider an alternative tree.

    Whether you don’t have much space to spare or you just want a tree in every room, you can conserve space with a non-traditional “tree.” Arrange Christmas lights and evergreen branches on your wall to look like a tree or stack the books in your office to look like a literary tree.

  7. Bring out the bling.

    If classic Christmas decorations aren’t your style, make your home sparkle. Think silver star balloons, thick strands of LED lights, dazzling ornaments and disco balls. Your home will look sophisticated and chic.

  8. Merry Christmas, deer.

    Reindeer decor has been popping up at holiday craft shows this year, and if you have a rustic or Western home, you should get in on the trend. Add some Christmas deer pillows to your sofa to add a charming touch to the entire room.

  9. Don’t neglect your staircase.

    If you have a staircase in your home, make it shine this holiday season. You can choose the classic evergreen garland and tinsel if you’d like, but bushels of greenery tied to the posts or elegant red bows are also great options.

  10. Go modern with your mantel this year.

    Get some glowing Christmas letters that spell “Joy” or “Noel” and place them on the mantel with a jar of ornaments that will add a pop of color.

  11. Decorate with natural elements.

    Evergreen boughs and garlands are always lovely additions, but you can also use in season citrus like lemons and oranges. Not only will your home look beautiful, but it will smell wonderful.

Happy holidays!




The Best Fall Decorating Trends For 2016


Another summer has slipped by us, and autumn is officially on the horizon. And even though it really seems like we were just saying goodbye to a summer, another year has passed since we last put away the Labor Day home accessories and got out the decorative gourds. And that means a whole new set of fall trends is upon us, and we don’t just mean what’s going in your closet. Fall decorating trends are here, time to just saying goodbye to a summer trends. We’re talking about your tablescapes, your shelves and your Western furniture.

Decorating your home for all is a personal thing, and you can set up your space for the new season any way you’d like. But there just so happen to be some really fun trends this year. Use this guide as an inspiration when you’re filling your rooms with autumn ambiance, and pick your favorites to try.

The New Neutrals

Gone are the days of color coordinated beiges and browns. This year, it’s all about the use of textures and shapes. Colorless design is really striking a chord as new and fresh right now. Think faux fur accessories, textured wallpaper like grasscloth and big blankets draped over the sofa and bed.

The Curated Look

The biggest design trend this fall is definitely the “curated look.” Are you wondering what that means? You’re not alone… and good news, it’s fairly simple. The curated look simply means that you only collect and display what you love. The cost and everything else is irrelevant. Quirkiness and a little whimsy are an added bonus. From unique cabin furniture to the eclectic souvenirs you picked up on your last vacation, your home is your place to display it like a museum collection. The idea is that your authentic personality will come through and make your home shine. Sounds nice, doesn’t it??

Mix and Match Styles

This is another fun fall decor trend for anyone who enjoys thrifting or has a mismatched set of furniture. Instead of sticking to the idea that all interior spaces have to match, take a creative approach and mix your styles. Why not mix old and new or modern with antiques? Most people have been doing this for years, and it seems like the trend has finally caught on.

Go with White on White

In recent years, the fashion world has come to embrace the black on black trend as a classic look. The same is happening with white on white in the interior design world. You can layer several shades of cream or beige together, especially using different textures, and come up with an exciting look. Whoever thought that being could be considered exciting?

Mix Bright Colors

Of course, some of us simply prefer to decorate with bold hues. That’s perfectly fine, and in fact, mixing bright colors is always a great way to accentuate your home without committing to one or two hues.  The key is to use colors that connect to each other, even if they don’t match.

Add a Few Flea Market Finds

Will the rustic / upcycled look ever go out of style? We hope not! Add a few flea market finds to your rooms full of contemporary furniture. If you really love a piece of furniture or an accessory, you’ll find a place for it.

Keep Playing WIth Color: Try Bright on Black

Not into neutrals but don’t want to overdo the brights? Bright on black is your solution. It’s easy to add contrast to your home by adding basic elements in black and the colors of your choice. For example, display some bright home accessories on a set of black bookshelves and watch them pop… or paint a wall black or dark gray and watch your wall art come to life.

Find Artisan Accessories

From your unique handmade furniture to those one-of-a-kind accessories you find when you’re out shopping, it’s those original details that will add character to your home.

Enjoy the Return of Americana Design

Remember the days of neutral rooms with handmade, traditional or vintage pieces? Those days are back, and they’re better than ever. This season (and always), it’s all about celebrating handcraftsmanship.

Try Bold Graphic Patterns

Obviously this is a trend to try in one room at a time, but graphic patterns have become the rule rather than the exception. Even traditionalists are learning to embrace the bold prints, even if it just means adding a patterned set of pillows to the sofa or wallpapering a single wall.

Chunky Knits

That’s right, the quintessential fall fashion trend has transferred to the world of home decor. Tweeds and knits were all over the fall runways and slowly transitioned into other trends. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for upholstery and your soft accessories. Believe it or not, runway trends often make this kind of transition.

Play With Plaid

Speaking of runway trends that have made the transition, plaid has certainly managed to come a long way. If you live in a farmhouse or a country home, try starting small with a plaid comforter in your guest room or some plaid pillows… that is, if you haven’t already done so.

Decorate With Warm Hues

This one is a classic… but just like fall is all about comfort and warmth, it’s also about making your home appear inviting. Whatever colors you use, make sure they cater to a cozy atmosphere.

Happy fall!

How To Make Your Home More Joyful And Colorful

It’s officially spring, when we celebrate the ending of the cold, dark winter and embrace Daylight Savings time and warmer days. As we start to see more bold, beautiful colors outside, it’s only natural to want our homes to seem more colorful and joyful as well. Luckily, there are some easy ways to enhance your home to get it ready for spring.

Take stock of the items in your home. Usually a rustic home with Western furniture uses a lot of earth tones and neutral hues, so it’s easy to spruce things up with some color. If you decorate with Southwest furniture, your home will look beautiful with some bright hues added. There’s something about splashes of color that make a home feel more joyful.

Here are some great ways you can add color and joy to your rooms to celebrate the new season:

Brighten up boring bookshelves.

Line the backs of your bookshelves with printed paper to instantly brighten them up, or give an old set of bookshelves a new coat of colorful paint. In a prominent room like the living room, shelves should always stand out. If you’re satisfied with your shelves’ color, you can add some bright memorabilia to enhance them. Try styling the shelves with more than just books—decorative items like antiques and small vases with fresh flowers will draw people’s eyes to them.

Look at your lighting.

Take brightening up your home literally. Could your rooms benefit for a few more lamps, better lighting than standard track lighting, or a new chandelier? Proper lighting can be a real game-changer for your home, so look into making some improvements.

Brighten up old furniture.

Paint or lacquer the vintage side tables in your living room to give them new life. Paint an old dresser and use it in your kitchen or dining room for extra storage. Getting playful with old pieces adds newness to your home.

Don’t forget about the ceiling.

Are any of the ceilings in your home painted? If not, you may be missing out. Painted ceilings can enhance the entire room. If you’re nervous, start with a subtle color and start in your bedroom. Once you’re more comfortable, you can paint your kitchen ceiling a bolder hue.

Go subtle.

Looking for some small, less permanent changes to make your home look brighter? There are plenty of seasonal swaps you can do that can be modified during the fall and winter. Here are some more temporary ideas:

Brighten up your coffee table. Try colorful coasters, bright books and seasonal fresh flowers.

Add some brightly colored pillows to your sofa, loveseat and bed.

Replace the photo frames on your living room’s gallery wall with more colorful options.

Use contact paper to add temporary color to your dinner table. Create a modern look by alternating various colors to run along the center of the dining table. This will be easily removable when you want to mix things up.

Get creative with your spring bouquets. Mix different flowers together and add in a few unexpected elements. One designer adds a sprig of mint to her bouquets to create some added texture.

There are also steps you can take to make your home “feel” more joyful:

Strengthen the connection with your family or the people who live with you. Your home isn’t only walls and furniture, it’s the memories you make with the people you share your space with. Cultivate and strengthen the bond with those that live with you. You can do this by starting new traditions, such as Sunday dinner, a family game night or a weekend pancake breakfast. Having more patience and showing more appreciation for each other will also make your home feel like a joyful place to be.

If you live alone, start entertaining more. Even if your home isn’t “perfect,” your friends and family will appreciate being invited over. Don’t let fear define how you use your space.

Bring elements of nature into your home. Plants, however small, are always a great option. Adding a bird feeder outside your kitchen window will allow you to observe some of nature’s cutest creatures. Make sure you have good drapes, curtains or shades that can be closed for privacy but also allow natural light in.

Last but not least, enjoy your home, whatever condition it happens to be in. Enjoy living in the moment!

The Guide To Decorating The House With Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! From the colored beer, decorating the house,  to everyone’s clothing of choice, you’re sure to see plenty of green for the holiday. But what about your interiors? Have you thought of adding a little green to your rooms? Believe it or not, this peaceful hue works with just about every color combination. And it doesn’t have to be St. Patrick’s Day for you to enjoy it.

The color green is considered to be tranquil and promote rest and relaxation. All shades of green work well in a mountain or country home. Green can be considered a little bit risky to use because it has a tendency to look retro, but sticking to dark, rich shades will help create a contemporary, calming atmosphere instead.

If you have a rustic home with Western furniture, you probably already know that green pairs perfectly with neutral hues. Here are our best tips for adding this color to different parts of your home:

Check your shades

The great thing about green is that it doesn’t have to match—you can get away with using several different shades. But do make sure your shades complement each other before you start your decorating. Use swatches, paint samples and photos to compare. You don’t need them to be perfect, but you want to add a soothing, not startling, vibe to your home.

Use Raw Materials

Paint your reclaimed wood furniture and salvaged pieces green for a touch of industrial appeal.

Paint the bathroom walls

Depending on the shade, green paint can work in just about every room. But if you’re a little paint shy, try painting your bathroom walls green. A soft, minty shade works for a spa-like bathroom or a country theme, while a slightly brighter shade will give off more of a camp lodge vibe.

Go for a green entryway

Your foyer is the first thing your guests see when they visit your home. It’s also the first thing that greets you when you arrive after a long day of work or errands. Decorating the entryway with green hues will give a warm, peaceful welcome to anyone who comes in. Start small by painting a single wall, or go all out with paint and decor.

Green furniture

Have you considered green furniture? Some pieces, especially cabin furniture or some handmade furniture, offer some pretty impressive green options. An armchair, an ottoman or a small piece of accent furniture is a great place to start. You can also go for a soft green leather sectional sofa—just make sure the shade is either a dark green or muted so your living room doesn’t look straight out of the 1970s.

Add some houseplants

If you don’t have any plants in your home, you’re truly missing out. They improve the oxygen quality, they fill empty space perfectly, and above all else, they just look nice. If you have pets or young children, do your research and choose non-toxic plants. Also, look for varieties that naturally grow and thrive in your specific environment. It’s incredibly difficult to keep a tropical plant alive in a colder environment. Try to keep a plant or two in every main room of your home.

Paint your door

Imagine your home with a green front door. Will it work? It just might! Painting your door is one of the easiest ways to give a house a “facelift,” and green is a great color choice.

Go green in the guest bedroom

Green promotes tranquility. It’s a beautiful choice for a bedroom. If you have a guest room, buy some green bedding or paint the wall a soft sage hue. You want your guests to feel relaxed and comfortable when they’re in your home, so surround them with green hues to give them a sense of peace and add coziness to the space.

The green kitchen

Imagine sage and cream-colored cabinetry against a marble backsplash and a butcher block kitchen island. Doesn’t that sound amazing? We thought so. If you’re not up for a renovation, try adding small green items to the room first.

Accent each room with green

Green sofa pillows. Green curtains. Green area rugs. Green art work. Get creative, but add small touches of green to each room in your home. All it takes is finding a few shades that will work and pieces that will complement your current decor.








The Rustic Holiday Christmas Decorating Guide

Holiday Christmas Decorating Deerfield Candle Holder

Whether you have a small mountain cabin or a sprawling urban house, adding a rustic touch to your holiday Christmas decorating will add warmth and make your rooms seem more inviting. Adding natural accents and textures to your traditional holiday decor can easily incorporate rustic touches. Plus, the theme allows for a lot of creativity.

Winter might be the best time to have a rustic home. Rustic style decorating, whether year round or just during the holidays, is achieved through a heavy use of texture, natural materials and neutral hues. Incorporate a few modern elements and you’ll have a rustic chic look. Since this is a busy time of year, go for holiday decorating that can be done in a day or two. We’ll provide a complete guide to getting your rooms, Western furniture and outdoor space ready for the season.

Front Door

Every front door needs a wreath for the holiday season. But if you’d rather not go for the traditional option, buy or make one made from grapevine and twigs. Add some small string lights and you’ll be ready to greet guests.

If you have a front porch or patio, have some fun decorating it. Fill some planters with pine branches, pine cones and Christmas tree ornaments. Wrap some cardboard boxes and place them in a little red wagon. Sprucing up the front of your home will make it look more inviting.

Living Room

Have fun with the fireplace mantel. Hang burlap stockings and line the mantel with evergreen branches. Line it with mason jar lights, which are mason jars and discarded glass containers with metallic paint on their interiors. Instead of artwork above the mantel, add a sense of dimension with a large wheel. Lace the wheel with a simple garland.

So, how do you decorate a rustic Christmas tree? We recommend using twine ball ornaments, white lights, a burlap garland and some vintage ornaments. But a classic red and green theme never ceases to be beautiful. Wrap your gifts in brown paper with a fabric strip layered over the middle and a pine cone tied on top.

Add some subtle touches to the rest of the room: replace your sofa pillows with holiday-themed pillows, add a wreath or two to the wall and swap out your usual coffee table book for a Christmas classic.

Dining Room

You can get fancy with tablescapes and layered place settings if you’d like, but keeping it simple is a lot less time consuming and will look just as lovely. If you have a nice handmade furniture dining set, you don’t want to completely cover it up anyway.

We recommend sticking to a rustic glam centerpiece: line an old crate with a white or silver table runner,then add some faux branches, silver and gold ornaments and pine cones. This is simple to assemble and adds a little sparkle to the table. Then just set the table with your fine china or holiday place settings. Don’t forget the colored napkins!

Master Bathroom

Don’t skip decorating rooms like the bathroom. You want the holiday theme to carry throughout your home. And speaking of themes, the bathroom is the perfect place to showcase your matching decor.

Ideas for bathroom themes: snowmen, Santa Claus, blue and silver, snowflakes, vintage, holly and ivy…this is the space to get creative and have fun.

Short on time? Decorate with holiday towels and hang festive ornaments on your shower curtain rings to dress up a plain shower curtain.

Spare Spaces

Want to decorate the entire house? Leave no space unturned and take these tips into consideration:

Replace all the rugs in your home with holiday themed rugs. These don’t have to be red and green―sticking to neutral hues will help you keep the rustic look.

Tie ribbons around your interior doors to make every door in your home look like it was gift-wrapped.

If you live in a two story home, don’t forget to wrap some garland and white lights around the banister.

Take advantage of the small spaces you’re not currently utilizing and add some decorative items. For example, the space between your china hutch and the wall is the perfect spot for a large glass vase filled with ornaments, twigs and string lights.

Decorate your bar cart! Swap out your regular bar glasses for holiday themed glasses and light candles when guests are visiting. Filling a wine bottle with lights makes a spectacular centerpiece.

Turn your kitchen’s coffee station into a “milk and cookies for Santa” station. Set out some packets of cocoa placed in Christmas mugs and write a note to “Santa” on your chalkboard.

Create a display from the cards you receive. Hang them on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Happy holidays!







Freestyle Decorating: How To Make The Most Of Things You Have

Freestyle decorating sounds like the name of a sport, but it’s actually a style of design where you decorate your space by using what you already own. The no-cost design show FreeStyle has been popular on HGTV for a decade, so it certainly appears to be a lasting trend. And with the unstable economy we’ve seen over the years, it’s no wonder people are choosing to spend sparingly on things like home furnishings decor.

Using Western furniture and rustic style in your home is a surefire way to enjoy Freestyle decorating. The rustic trend lends itself well to creativity and upcycling your items. But it isn’t always easy to master, especially if you have a plethora of mismatched items or you’re just beginning to set up your home. If you’d like to delve into the Freestyle way of doing things, keep these tips in mind when you’re out shopping or browsing home decor magazines for ideas.

Prioritize your space, and choose key furnishings first.

Invest in quality furniture that will withstand the test of time. This includes reclaimed wood furniture and treasured family heirlooms that have been kept in good condition. The basic shapes and colors will serve as your decorating cornerstones. The most important areas in your home are the living room and dining room. Those are your entertaining spots, so focus on those spaces at first. Once the foundational furniture has been established, you can think about decorating.

Splurge on art

Never feel guilty about investing in art. Choosing timeless pieces for your walls will give you endless decorating options. You can put artwork away for years, then return to it later when your decorating style changes—or you can always swap it from room to room.

Salvage, salvage, salvage

Sometimes you might hear stories of friends who have found benches and tables on street corners and turned them into beautiful items. You can browse yard sales, flea markets or even your old furniture and do the same thing. You’d be surprised at what you can do with fresh paint, cushions and a little creativity.

Get creative with your headboard

Speaking of salvaging, if you bedroom needs a new look, try a DIY headboard. You can use materials you already have, such as old shutters and windows, or buy a simple sheer curtain and some string lights. There are so many possibilities for headboards you can make yourself, you can try a new style every year or two and never come up short.

Do not label your decorating style

Mix themes. Mix styles. Mix time periods—they’ll all work together. The combination can make vintage items seem current and make modern pieces look less stark. Also, when you don’t stick to a standard theme, you’re able to use things you’ve picked up along the way whenever you see fit. Your rooms should look put together, but they never have to match.

Try creative combinations

Be bold. For example, pairing a simple modern white table with a reupholstered vintage chair makes both pieces look more sophisticated. Play around with your rooms until you’re happy with the way everything looks—you never know what might pair well together.

Take risks with color

Your furniture and accessories will look different when you change the wall color or add vibrant accessories like decorative pillows. As for paint colors, be willing to work with what you can get for free or on the cheap. Some paint stores have bargain bins with colors that were never picked up or with slightly mismatched paint that they’re unable to sell to the original buyers. A family member or neighbor may offer you their extra pain as well. Be open to new possibilities.

Tell your life story with your home

Take a look at your collectibles: your books, your photographs, trinkets you’ve picked up during your travels, mementos from life’s events like your wedding or graduation, and your favorite family heirlooms. What can you use to style shelves, hang on walls and create fabulous table centerpieces? Every surface of your home offers you the chance to tell a story. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to showcase something that may have been hidden from the world otherwise.

Using what you’ve got doesn’t mean you should keep everything you’ve ever owned. If you do decide you need to make some purchases, see if you can donate or sell a few items you’ve grown tired of or don’t suit your current lifestyle. Freestyle decorating is not about having a never-ending collection, it’s about being wiser when you shop and investing in things you’ll use for years to come. It’s perfectly fine to splurge on a few trendy things now and then, but when they go out of style, you’ll want plenty of options when you revamp your rooms.

Home Decor: What To Buy, What To DIY

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Thanks to creative websites, blogs, Pinterest and old-fashioned creativity, DIY home projects are more popular than they’ve ever been. Look through any design site or magazine and you’re bound to see a few tutorials or families showing off their finished work. And that work always looks so impressive; people get inspired to try out a little DIY in their own homes.

It’s important to make your home be a reflection of you and your family, and making some of your decor yourself can help. Western furniture and rustic decor look great with DIY projects. In fact, you’d be unlikely to find any rustic home without a single DIY creation. If you’re up for it, they can save you money and give your home a unique look.

That being said, there are some things you should either buy yourself or hire a professional to complete. Some things are simply worth the splurge.

So, what do you buy and what do you DIY? Use this list to help you decide.

5 things to DIY:

  1. A headboard. Between vintage windows, curtains and string lights, old doors and artwork, there are so many ways to design your own headboard that it’s the easiest way to add originality to your bedroom.
  2. A gallery wall. Turn your personal photos into wall art, or make your own frames.
  3. Upcycled storage. Mason jars become makeup brush holders, vintage coffee cans stash silverware… there are all sorts of creative projects for upcycled storage, so you should only buy new storage items when you absolutely need them.
  4. Window treatments. If you’re comfortable with a sewing machine—or even if you’re not—you’ll have plenty of online tutorials to guide you.
  5. Buying a chandelier will give you a lifetime of beauty and lovely lighting, but if you’re up for it, it isn’t very difficult to make your own.

5 things to buy:

Unless you’re a professional, stick to buying these things:

  1. Bed frames. We love our handmade furniture, and we fully support making small shelves out of pallets and other upcycled accessories. But a bed frame should always be trusted to the pros.
  2. Adding or replacing windows. Specialized tools and methods are required for windows, so buy them and hire someone handy.
  3. Your sofa. It’s true: there are tutorials for DIY sofas out there. But saving up for the perfect sofa will come with its own reward—a comfortable, beautiful piece of furniture you can enjoy for years to come.
  4. An outdoor kitchen. They are amazing and make for some seriously fun summer parties. But installing one yourself could be disastrous. Pay a professional to do the dirty work, then decorate it with DIY items.
  5. A fireplace mantel. There’s just too much room for error when using upcycled materials. Stick to the original or have a new mantel professionally installed.


10 Ways To Make Your Home More Beautiful


Do you have a friend whose home always looks beautiful? Some people seem to be born with the ability to know just where to place every candle and hang every framed photo to make every room look amazing. But the truth is, it isn’t that difficult to make any home look better—it’s all in the details. Read on for 10 ways to add beauty to your home and accentuate that Southwest Furniture Western furniture.

  1. Use flowers. Nothing will add beauty to your home faster than a fresh bouquet (though there’s nothing wrong with faking it if need be). Decorate your foyer, living room, dining room and bedroom with flowers and watch your space come alive.
  2. Houseplants will not only add beauty to your rooms, but they’ll help keep the air clean. Find out which plants thrive in your area and get some—but if you have pets, make sure they’re not toxic.
  3. Open up your kitchen. Make your kitchen more inviting by adding a small table and chairs (cabin furniture will work well for this). Keep the curtains open to let natural light in. If you’re having company, brew a fresh pot of coffee or bake some cookies. By bringing your kitchen to life with sights and smells, you’ll make your home more inviting.
  4. Beautify your bathroom. Add clusters of scented candles, buy some bath beads, and display some beautiful guest towels. The bathroom should be serene and beautiful, a place where you can relax after a long day of work.
  5. De-clutter. This step is exhausting, but it will be worth it. Pick one room at a time and go through it with a fine-tooth comb…cupboard, drawers and shelves should all be sorted and organized. Not only will your space look better, but you’ll feel better as well.
  6. Pillows will add softness and beauty to your furniture. Add decorative pillows to your bed, guest bedroom and sofas.
  7. One easy way to add beauty to your home is to dress up your window treatments. A home without window treatments looks unfinished. A set of curtains or draperies are all you need to make your windows beautiful. If fabrics aren’t your thing, go for wooden blinds.
  8. Don’t forget about beautiful lighting! Every room looks better when bathed in a soft glow. If you can’t escape the standard lighting fixtures, layer each room with lamps. Use decorative chandeliers whenever you can, especially in your dining room and foyer.
  9. Just like we wear clothing in colors that flatter us, you should decorate your rooms in flattering hues as well. Look at the colors of your walls and Western furniture and accessorize with colors that complement.
  10. Create beauty with contrast. Juxtapose humble and fine materials to keep your rooms looking interesting.
Top 20 Home Decorating Hacks

What is a “hack,” exactly?

That’s code for “make your life a little easier.” Get ready to learn some creative handmade ideas and great hacks. Hacks are tips and tricks designed to simplify a process. And while you shouldn’t cut corners on some aspects of home design, there are plenty of easy hacks you can utilize to style your rooms. We’ve compiled a list of 20 simple home decorating hacks, most of which will look more difficult to complete than they are…. because as great as it looks alone, we know our Western furniture needs some accessories.

  1. Skip the wallpaper and create an accent wall out of tape! Masking tape or painters tape and a little creativity are all you need for a DIY tape wall.
  2. Perfect for your home or setting on top of your cabin furniture, DIY air fresheners will keep your rooms smelling fresh and chemical-free. Get some recipes here.
  3. Decorating a vase with pennies (gluing pennies to it) is a great way to add some unique flair to a room for…well, pennies.
  4. Personalize the wreath for your front door by adding a wooden initial and some matching flowers.
  5. Hang your bathroom mirrors with rope for a rustic look.
  6. Take a vintage milk jug, fill it with dried flowers and place it in the foyer to greet your guests.
  7. Make a simple wreath by gathering twigs of similar lengths, cutting cardboard into the shape of a disc, wrapping the cardboard with twine, and gluing the twigs to the disc. People will be impressed by your project that will hardly take you any time at all.
  8. Hang a curtain as a room divider to create the look of more space. If you have a large kitchen, hanging a linen curtain will break up the space and hide the mess of food preparation as well.
  9. Wallpaper your vinyl window shades.
  10. Float your living room furniture away from the walls. It creates more intimate seating.
  11. For a subtle pop of color, paint the sides of your bedroom doors.
  12. If you have a fireplace you’re not using, set a bunch of candles of different sizes inside and light them every evening.
  13. For the illusion of higher ceilings, paint your walls halfway.
  14. Fill dead space in your home with a slim floating bookcase.
  15. For an attractive alternative to classic bookshelves, you can use stair treads and corbels.
  16. Need a room to look bigger? Use this designer trick: hang a mirror behind a lamp.
  17. If you’re tired of your headboard but aren’t ready or able to get a new one, drape a piece of fabric or a large scarf over it.
  18. For a unique way to display some art, break out of the frame box and clip it to a coat hanger. You can also hang prints with cables.
  19. Bar carts are wonderful, but you can easily convert an old set of shelves into a bar instead.
  20. Cover your power cords in jute rope to disguise them.



Two Rustic Decor Projects To Try This Summer

cache_500_400_0_100_100_teak corner shelf

Summer is here, and it’s time to get crafty! Longer days mean more time to spend in the sunshine creating decorative projects to accentuate your Western furniture. Here are two easy ideas you can complete in one afternoon.

Turn an old ladder into a rustic bookshelf. Aside from the ladder you will need six L brackets, 24 screws, a stud finder, a drill and a screwdriver. Figure out where you’d like to mount your shelf, find the studs, and screw your brackets to the wall. Place your ladder between the brackets and screw it in place, sideways on your wall.

A glass bottle can become a wall vase to display those summer wildflowers. You will need a 2X8X8 pine board, which will make up to six vases, wood screws, pipe rail ties, and some wood stain. Cut a piece of wood into 16 inches, then stain it. Use a sander if you’d like to have a distressed look. Screw the glass bottles onto the wood using the wood screw and pipe rail ties. Hang your beautiful new vases on your walls.