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Category: Leather

Category: Leather

Three Good Reasons To Go With Leather Furniture


Perhaps you have pets and you’ve heard it’s a no-no. Or maybe you’re concerned with summertime heat. But if you’ve got a rustic country home with Western furniture, a leather sofa and loveseat would actually be perfect picks. A well-made piece of leather furniture will withstand your animals’ claws, and in fact, pet hair and dander will just fall to the floor. Here are three other good reasons to add some leather furniture to your home:

1. It’s long-lasting. The look of leather has proven itself to be a timeless trends. Leather is a natural material that only gets more beautiful as it ages. A leather sofa would be a worthy investment for your home.

2. It’s versatile. Whether your home is decorated like a fancy mountain lodge or an old farmhouse, your leather pieces will fit right in. Even if you one day abandon the rustic look entirely, leather furniture also fits in with contemporary decor.

3. Leather takes on the temperature of your body within 12 seconds. The notion that leather is too cold in the winter or too hot and sticky in the summer is a misconception. You can comfortably sit on your leather sofa in any season.



Take Another Look at Leather


There’s no doubt about it—leather furniture looks right at home in any rustic cabin or country house. Durable, luxurious and long-lasting, leather upholstery makes a great choice for country home furniture. If you’re in the market for some new rustic home furnishings, consider taking a look at leather.

There are quite a few misconceptions about leather furniture. Some people think that it won’t last long, while others think that it’s hard to care for. In fact, the opposite is true: leather is a natural product and therefore it becomes even more beautiful as it ages. Aging brings out its natural patina. To care for your leather upholstery, wipe it with a clean soap-free cloth during your normal cleaning routine and have a deep cleaning session every 6 to 12 months.

Some people also think they shouldn’t have leather furniture because of their pets or kids. In reality, your leather furniture will be just as safe as the rest of your home furnishings. If you’re worried about your cat using it as a scratching post, you can have an extra finish applied to your pieces to give them extra protection.

Leather warms to your body heat and stays pleasantly cool in the summertime, creating a comfortable place to sit year round. When it comes to country home furniture, you can’t go wrong with leather upholstery.

Three Great Father’s Day Decorating Ideas

cache_500_400_0_100_100_-5Mother’s Day gets lots of attention every year, and rightly so. Most moms do a superhuman amount of work to keep their family on track. But if you’re lucky enough to have a Dad who is an important figure in your life, Father’s Day is a big deal too. In fact, your father just might deserve a real party this year instead of just a card or a pair of cufflinks. Here are 3 decorating ideas to bring a smile of appreciation to his face.

  • Take every ugly tie you and your siblings have bought your Dad over the last 15 years and use them to make a banner. Tie them onto a piece of bunting or clothesline with the fat end of each tie hanging down. Cut out felt or construction paper letters and glue or pin them on, one per tie, to spell out “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY”. Tell your father he’s has permission to ceremonially burn the ties at the end of the party. He is hereby released from any future responsibility to wear any accessories you’ve bought him in the past.
  • Did your Dad take you lots of different places when you were a kid? Gather up all the pictures you can find of your father. Create a treasure hunt of framed photos throughout the house with landmarks that remind you of some of the good times you had. For example, he’ll find a snapshot of the two of you together at a hockey game when he opens up the refrigerator. Or, there will be a picture floating in a water-tight bag in the bathtub showing the two of you at the community swimming pool when you were five.
  • Buy a new leather recliner and have it delivered to your Dad’s house. Put a big red bow on it like you see in those commercials where someone gets a sports car for Christmas. Spritz the chair with a little Ozium New Car Scent to make the chair irresistible (spray the underside of the chair so you don’t damage the leather). You get bonus brownie points from Mom if Dad agrees to get rid of his ratty old plaid recliner.

Prefer to decorate with food? Find delicious and delightful cupcake ideas for Father’s Day here.

This Is REAL Ranch Furniture

When you get home from a long day at work, it’s great to be back in the saddle again. At least, it is when your saddle has been converted into a barstool. Our Western style seat is guaranteed to make you feel like a true ranchero since you can dine with your boots on. You’ll enjoy the feel of authentic leather and detailed tooling – without the aroma of horse perspiration.

You might think it’s a little awkward to straddle a saddle indoors, but this is actually an ergonomic trend. Humanscale even sells a stool inspired by the saddle to help office workers sit healthier. Here’s a tidbit from their website, “These stools encourage you to sit in a saddle posture, which lowers the thighs, opens up the hips and puts the spine into a healthy lordotic curve.” We don’t know about all that fancy city-folk talk, but we do know a fine piece of ranch furniture when we see it.

This unique item is sure to be a hit with the little cowboys and cowgirls in your family as well. Of course, they might get a little carried away playing on the furniture since this stool swivels round and round. You might even find yourself wondering if they were raised in a barn…

Anatomy Lesson: Kodiak Bear Furniture

Do you feel a little grizzly at the end of a hard day? You may want to take a load off and relax in a fine specimen of Kodiak Bear furniture. Let’s explore the innards of one of these Cimarron leather chairs from our Back at the Ranch portfolio:


  • • The “bones” are solid, kiln-dried hardwood to take whatever weight you throw at it
  • • The “guts” of the cushions are made using the famous Marshall coil system for independent coil movement and maximum conformity/comfort
  • • The “fat” consists of several layers of foam topped off with a soft down blend to keep you from feeling those resilient steel coils when you sit
  • • The “skin” is top quality leather, dyed a deep brown that lets the natural characteristics of the hide show through

Put all that together and you end up with one bear of a chair!

How to Care for Leather Ranch Furniture

If you want to invest in really high quality ranch furniture, that means you’re probably interested in leather upholstery. Perhaps you’ve heard that leather is a finicky material and won’t stand up well to regular use. In fact, the opposite is true. Leather is highly durable and can last for decades with proper care. Obviously, you’ll want to use the furniture indoors to keep it out of the rain and prevent mildew. If you place your leather furniture away from direct light (or install UV blocking window glass), you can avoid rapid fading of the material as well.

Leather Ages Gracefully

You can expect leather to change color and texture with age. This includes getting some spots that are worn nicely smooth from friction and pressure where you sit or rest your arms and back against the upholstery. Think of this like wearing in a pair of jeans. You see some changes in the fabric but that just means it is getting more comfortable and gaining character.

Care for Your Leather

Our leather ranch furniture is color corrected and finished with an acrylic top coat to protect the dye and help limit scratches while keeping the leather supple. It also makes your furniture easy to care for.

  • •Wipe it down with a soft cloth when you dust your other furniture.
  • •Use a crack and crevice cleaner attachment on your vacuum to clean the creases between the cushions (don’t forget to check for loose change).
  • • If the leather does get a light scratch, you can typically buff it out with a chamois cloth.
  • • If liquid spills on the leather, wipe it up immediately.
  • • Never use soap and water to try to get stains out. Use a professional leather stain removal product according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you want to keep your leather furniture in tip-top shape, you may wish to use a leather conditioning product on the upholstery a few times per year. Here’s a simple tutorial that describes the process. Always spot test a hidden part of the furniture before you do the whole piece – and remember to ventilate the area well!