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Category: Lighting

Category: Lighting

Rustic Elegance: Why Your Kitchen or Dining Room Needs a Chandelier

Nothing adds elegance to a dining area faster than hanging a chandelier. And while a chandelier may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of rustic home furnishings, this beautiful accessory is actually perfect for adding a warm, inviting vibe to your house or cabin.

A chandelier makes an excellent focal point, bringing your eyes immediately to the center of the room. If your home is decked out in rustic home furnishings, a rustic chandelier makes a perfect complement. And these home furnishing accessories aren’t just for looks: modern chandelier lighting is as practical and efficient as it is beautiful. The compact light bulbs can save you money on your electric bill.

Chandeliers aren’t just for dining rooms. If you have a large kitchen, hanging a chandelier can tie together your kitchen’s color palette and add a hint of sophistication to the room. Kitchens are traditional gathering places for family dinners and holidays, so you may as well make yours a room worth celebrating in. Check out our rustic-chic chandeliers and adorn your dining area with some country glamour.



Five Fun Ways to Create Fake Cabin Interiors

Do you have a small vacation home or condo that you really wish was a cabin? You don’t have to tear it down and start from scratch. Here are some clever and inexpensive ways to create faux cabin interiors in any space.


Log themed wallpaper is the way to go for an instant imitation cabin makeover. You can bedeck your walls with species of tree that are now so rare they would never be harvested to build an actual log cabin. For a more upscale look and a convincing texture, choose horizontal wood paneling instead.


An electric fireplace is ideal for cabin interiors that don’t actually incorporate a chimney. You can install one of these beauties anywhere. Just pick one with a rustic appearance and create your own cozy hearth in any room. The surround for your cabin’s fireplace may be fake stone, but the heat is real.


If your cabin isn’t genuine, chances are it may not have your ideal view either. Add the view you want with a faux window looking out onto meadowlands, hills, mountains, lakes, or forests. You can add these as decals or posters. But the most realistic look is a painting or photo set behind a real window frame.


No cabin is complete without a faux bearskin rug! You won’t believe how realistic these can be when they are made with modern materials. You can buy one hand crafted in white, black or brown by a talented Etsy artist. The rug is huge – six and a half feet long from nose to toes. If that’s a little too intimidating, click over to our rug section and find a genuine cowhide rug for a more country cabin look.


The accessories you choose for your fake cabin interior can be the real thing. In fact, this is the best way to give the whole space the right look and feel. Our pine cone/tree swing arm sconce adds rustic flavor while making a room feel warm and inviting.

These ideas are easy to scale up or back to fit any space. In fact, you could even use some these items in a kid’s playhouse or fort to create a miniature log cabin that looks very realistic…