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Category: Living

Category: Living

The Ultimate Inspiration For Decorating Your Mantel

As we make our way through fall and winter, keeping our interiors nice and toasty becomes more important. If your home has a fireplace, consider yourself lucky—it will promptly become a focal point in your living room and family room and help you stay cozy until next spring. Give your fireplace an instant makeover by redecorating your mantel for the season. Don’t worry about waiting for inspiration—we’ve got all the ideas you’ll need.

Before you decorate your mantel, make sure your fireplace is ready to become to center of attention. Give it a thorough cleaning and replace the screen if necessary. Arrange your Western furniture in a way that makes the fireplace the gathering area of the room, if you can.

Here are our top ten ideas for decorating your fireplace mantel:

1. Halloween is fast approaching, so start with a creepy crawly theme. Hang an antique mirror above the mantel and drape fake cobwebs over both the mirror and mantel. Place a few small pumpkins and a spooky skeleton on the mantel and adhere some bat cut-outs to the surrounding wall.

2. If you prefer a more minimalist decorating approach, stick to a single statement piece: fall leaves. Arrange a garland of colorful leaves and drape it over the mantel, placing a couple of full-sized pumpkins next to the fireplace.

3. Keep it symmetrical: add matching vases or clusters of candles to either end of the mantel. Hang a framed piece of art above the mantel directly in between them. Symmetry adds a calm balance to the room.

4. If you have a Southwest-style room with Southwest furniture, place some pottery on the mantel and accentuate it with seasonal staples like pumpkins and gourds. Add a jolt of bold color with a turquoise-trimmed mirror or frame.

5. Place three candles in the center of the mantel. On either side, fill two glass jars, one with pinecones and one with apples. Scatter some leaves across the mantel.

6. Arrange a group of black and white photos of your family enjoying the holidays in colorful frames on the mantel.

7. If your family enjoys reading, you can adhere old book pages to the wall to make a great backdrop. Top it off with small accessories from your favorite books.

8. Want a rustic look? Go vintage! Browse your local flea market for things like wood crates, small stools and mason jars to decorate your mantel.

9. For a classic look, go for seasonal fruit in a white bowl and fresh flowers in a white vase topped off by a single stack of books.

10. Salvage an antique eight pane window with the frame painted white. Prop it against the mantel to use it as a backdrop. Then fill the mantel with seasonal staples that can be rotated. Start with pumpkins, pinecones and gourds and move on to twinkle lights and garland as the holiday season progresses.

Multi-Use Coffee Table Perfect for Cabin Interiors

At Back at the Ranch Furniture, we know that the #1 challenge in decorating cabin interiors is limited space. That’s why we like to provide furniture that serves more than one purpose. If you think coffee table surfaces are only good for holding coffee cups and old magazines (and the occasional book), think again. Our Craftsman style collection includes a coffee table that definitely earns its place in your cabin’s living area. It has a lift top that raises up to a comfortable height for seated use without requiring you to bend or hunch over. You can elevate this tabletop to play board games or support a laptop. With its sturdy construction featuring hardwood and oak, it also provides a much more stable eating surface than a TV tray. Fixed storage shelving below makes this finely crafted piece even more useful. When the table isn’t in use, you’ll want to stash everything down under to reveal the phenomenal slate tile border inlays decorating the top.

Moon Over Our Country Home Furnishings

Sometimes, even country home furnishings have fancy French names. For example, we have a gorgeous “Demilune” Santa Clara console table in our collection (with a hand-hammered copper top and hand forged steel base). The term demilune may sound mysterious, but it actually translates literally as “half a moon”. That’s the shape of the table top. The half circle design is perfect for tight or narrow spaces where you want a small flat surface. The shape is particularly well-suited to foyers and hallways. A rectangular table with sharp corners can bang into your thighs as you try to squeeze by. The smooth circular edge of the demilune will let you sail past without a backward glance as you deposit your keys, mail, purse and cell phone in the entryway. This type of table would also work well in a guest bath, a study, or a small bedroom. Add a mirror above the table, and you can open up a narrow space even more.

Ranch Furniture That Rocks Your World

Perhaps no piece of ranch furniture brings back memories of a simpler way of life than a rocking chair. We remember our grandparents rocking away their golden years on the front porch. We may recall being rocked to sleep in the arms of our mother or father when we were children. As adults, we still love to soothe ourselves with the rhythmic back and forth motion on a quiet evening as we let the stress of our daily lives melt away. But even this time-honored form of household seating can benefit from a modern update.

Why rock when you can glide? Our Mission style gliding rocker offers you the comfort of an old-time wooden rocking chair enhanced with state-of-the-art “long-glide” technology. All-steel encased ball bearings and specially engineered lubricants make this gliding mechanism silky smooth and squeak-free. You have to feel it to believe it.

How to Make Cabin Interiors Look Roomy

Cabin interiors are supposed to be cozy. But there comes a point where that cozy factor can start feeling cramped. That’s what happens when you go for a nice holiday weekend or vacation and the weather turns sour. When it’s ugly outside, you want everything to be beautiful inside. Here are 5 ways to increase the perceived square footage of your wilderness home:

Make Storage Decorative

It’s tempting to have all your extra stuff tucked away neatly out of sight. Reducing clutter can make your space look bigger – up to a point. However, sometimes it makes more sense to store frequently used items out in the open so you don’t close off areas of your cabin. For example, instead of having a coat closet, use a coat tree, hat rack, umbrella stand and shoe shelf to store outdoor clothing and accessories. The shoe shelf can even go outside, saving you more room indoors and keeping mud away from your wood floors.

Keep Art Small

Rather than purchasing a huge painting that takes up most of a wall, arrange small works of art and photos in clusters. This gives your eyes some breathing room and lets you make use of “negative space” to add depth to the room interior. Choose a mix of bold pieces and more sedate images so you always have something to look at that fits your current mood. If you do opt for a large wall hanging, make sure it’s a lighter color than the surrounding walls. Cabins with finished wood interiors tend to look a little dark as it is and you don’t want to accentuate this effect.

Light Every Space

Each individually lit area in your cabin will seem like its own “space”. The more areas you can highlight with sconces, desk lamps, floor lamps and overhead accent or pendant lighting, the better.  You don’t have to have all the lights on at once, of course. Just be sure that there are no dark, gloomy corners. Remember, you can also get creative when it comes to lighting cabin interiors. An old fashioned Coleman lantern would work fine for the entryway while you might want something a little more substantial for the kitchen.