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Category: Mattress

Category: Mattress

Back At The Ranch Has Your Next Mattress


Back at the Ranch is well known for its expertly made Western furniture and cabin furniture. We search the world for the most unique and often handmade items. But we also know how important a good night’s rest is, which is why we are proud to carry a large selection of high quality mattresses. Better yet, we’re able to beat almost any mattress price you can find elsewhere. Just call the nearest store for a price comparison.

Simmons mattresses use their legendary Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology and AirCool Foams. Perfect for people with sore backs or couples who sleep in different positions, Simmons is a trusted brand whose mattresses will last for years.

No furniture store’s mattress selection would be complete without the Comforpedic line. This much-loved brand is best known for its unmatched AirCool memory foam and AirCool Sleep System. Not only will a Comforpedic mold to your body, it will allow you to sleep at your ideal temperature.

As one of the oldest brands in the industry, Sealy is a trusted name. Their experience has taught them how to design outstanding mattresses and keep their customers happy.

Is it time for you to invest in a new mattress? Check out our mattress shopping tips.

Five Summer Essentials For Your Home


Summer is almost here at last. Longer days, sunshine and warm nights make for happier people and so many outdoor adventures. When it comes to summertime home essentials, getting new patio furniture, cabin furniture and sprucing up the grill are usually at the top of everyone’s to-do lists. But it’s just as important to keep your interiors comfortable and up-to-date during the summer—after all, you’ll need somewhere nice to retreat at the end of a scorching day.

Here are five summer essentials for your home:

1. A quality mattress. Summertime is ideal for outdoor activity, and long, warm nights can make it difficult to sleep. Make sure your mattress is up-to-date so you can get the best rest.

2. Lighter bed linens. That down comforter just won’t do.

3. If you plan to do any entertaining, treat yourself to a nice wine rack. It will keep your libations organized and leave them within reach.

4. On that note, when outdoor summer parties move inside, make sure your home is equipped with plenty of bar stools to accommodate extra guests.

5. If you have a country home or a cabin, get a hammock for those lazy summer days. You won’t regret it.

How To Find Your Perfect Mattress



Soft? Sturdy? Extra-firm? Many elements come into play when it comes to shopping for the right mattress. While the mattress construction is important, your personal sleeping style is a big factor in determining which one is right for you. From our mattresses in Gunnison to our mattresses in Crested Butte, we’ve got a huge selection to choose from. Here’s how to narrow it down:

If you’re a back sleeper, supporting your lower back is very important. Avoid an extra-firm mattress that may push against your spine and not provide the correct support. But a mattress that is too soft will also not give you enough support. Go with a medium-firm mattress if you sleep on your back.

Stomach sleepers often suffer from back pain, which causes them to sleep that way. If you sleep on your stomach, you’ll need a firm, stiff mattress that will keep your body afloat instead of sunken.

If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll need a mattress that doesn’t put pressure on your shoulders and hips. A softer mattress is usually a good option since it will allow your body to sink in and accommodates your body’s natural curves. For side sleepers, we recommend a Beautyrest mattress by Sealy.

Browse our collection of Western furniture for the bedroom to accompany your new mattress!

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Western Retreat


Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary: it’s a place to rest, recharge, relax and spend quiet hours alone, replenishing your energy. The way you decorate your bedroom should be a reflection of your personal style and promote relaxation and peace. Since many people head to the mountains or a quiet cabin to recharge, giving your bedroom a Western theme will leave you feeling like you’ve escaped from the world every time you enter.

Turning your bedroom into your own personal sanctuary doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated. Just use furniture, colors and decor that caters to your ultimate comfort. Use these steps to create a Western retreat in the comfort of your own home:

1. The comfort in your bedroom begins with the obvious: your bed! Owning the right mattress can improve your sleep quality, back health, posture and even your immune system. If it has been seven years or more since you’ve replaced yours, come check out our mattresses in Salida or our mattresses in Crested Butte. Spend some time lounging on our mattresses until you’ve found your perfect fit. And if you’re in need of some Western furniture to enhance your Western bedroom, we’ve got plenty of quality collections to choose from.

2. Pick out a color scheme that complements a Western style and also promotes a peaceful vibe. Light Earth tones like tans and browns are a good start, but you can also use rose pink, golden hues, light blue or lavender. Paint the walls a pale color like beige or gray, then add some bold-hued decor to accentuate. Think turquoise throw pillows or a coral comforter…whatever matches the Earth tones while keeping the relaxing atmosphere.

3. Consider getting a canopy for your bed. It will make the room look like a bed and breakfast spot, and you’ll feel like royalty. Otherwise, get a beautiful chandelier for the ceiling.. a Western bedroom can still be glamorous!

4. If you have hardwood floors, treat yourself to a soft, luxurious rug. Place it by the bed if you can so you can begin each day feeling like you’re walking on clouds.

5. Create a gallery wall: group a collection of your favorite peaceful prints together, frame them in matching frames, and hang them on a wall in an artistic way. All of your walls are worthy of beautiful art, not just the living room!

6. Keep dressers and nightstands free of clutter. This is essential for having a relaxing room.

7. Add some ambient sounds. The steady sound of a tranquil noise will help you fall asleep and will make great background noise while you’re reading. Buy a tabletop fountain or download some peaceful podcasts.

8. Last but not least, remember two vital details for creating a peaceful Western sanctuary: mason jars full of fresh flowers and a fuzzy throw for the end of the bed.

Incorporate these tips into your bedroom, add your own personal touches and you’ll have a stylish sanctuary you won’t want to leave.




How to Choose the Right Mattress—and Why it Matters

mattresses in gunnison, salida, and crested butte

In our sleep-deprived society, it’s important that we do all we can to get a good night’s rest. For that to happen, you must make sure you own the right mattress for your body. With all the contradictory reports over which mattress is best, finding the right fit can be an overwhelming process. Before you come to our Colorado furniture store, use these tips and guidelines to make the mattress shopping process easier.

Which Mattress is Best?

There are a lot of mixed messages about what kind of mattress is best to buy. Some research suggests that foam mattresses cause backaches, while other studies claim they are the answer to backaches. Some studies show that regular cotton mattresses are ideal, while some experts seem to think that they cause back pain too.

Since everyone’s body is different, the best thing to do is find a mattress that feels right to you. Think of a time when use slept in a great hotel bed or at a friend’s house and use that as a starting point. You’ll at least know whether you’re most comfortable on a soft or firm mattress before you go shopping.

How to Find Your Perfect Fit

Back at the Ranch carries a large selection of mattresses in Gunnison, including the well-known brands Simmons, Sealy and Comforpedic by Beautyrest. When you come to our Colorado furniture store, browse every brand and see which size, style and price range work for you. Make sure to spend about 20 minutes “test sleeping” on the mattresses you’re interested in. Bring a friend if possible, and have them tell you if your spine stays fairly neutral.

Remember that one brand isn’t better than the other and one size isn’t necessarily better than another, either. Sometimes a very thick mattress is a visual ploy to get it to appear more comfortable. Listen to your body and choose the mattress that feels most comfortable to you.

Health Benefits of Choosing the Right Mattress

We spend about one third of our lives sleeping. Owning the wrong mattress leads to sleep deprivation which can lead to poor health. Higher stress levels, a lowered immune system and a shorter life span have all been tied to sleep deprivation.

But although mattresses can hinder sleep quality, owning the right mattress can greatly improve it. Quality sleep on a good mattress will reduce your back and joint pain, leading to a better quality of life. And better sleep means better mental acuity, lower stress levels and having a lot more energy during the day. If it’s been longer than seven years since you’ve shopped for a mattress—or your current mattress has been giving you trouble—it’s time to consider finding a new place to rest at night.

Rest Easy with Help from Our Colorado Furniture Store


Did you know that our Back at the Ranch Colorado furniture store sells everything you could need to outfit your bedroom? We don’t just offer rustic wooden bedframes and beautifully lined bureaus. We have more than fine linens and cozy comforters. We know that the foundation of any really good bedroom is what’s hiding under a fitted sheet. That’s why we stock mattresses from some of the best known and trusted names in the sleep industry. If you think we might be talking about Simmons and Sealy, you’re right. Don’t get taken in by a fast talking mattress salesman at a big box store where selections are limited and prices are high. Take your time to browse our extensive collection of mattresses with no pressure. All our everyday prices are well below retail – and the sales prices on select items are astonishing. You’ll have to pinch yourself to see if you’re really awake!


Our Country Home Furniture Gives You Renewed Energy


Country home furniture represents many things to many people:

  • Fine craftsmanship
  • Quality materials
  • Superior design
  • High durability
  • Attention to detail
  • Unmatched comfort

We think furnishings should embody all these characteristics. That’s why we carry the ComforPedic line of mattresses for our discerning customers. These are Simmons BeautyRest products that are backed by a 25 year warranty and the manufacturer’s 140 years in the mattress industry. We’re “bedding” you’ll enjoy the benefits of Renewed Energy or Restored Spirits after a night of sleep on space age memory foam.

Hot New Technology Keeps You Cozy

Colorado nights can get pretty cold, which is why you’ll especially love the new TruTemp™ gel distributed discretely in the soft yet supportive foam. Here, it captures and stores your body heat for later use. As you change position in your sleep, the mattress releases this excess warmth, ensuring you don’t get surprised by a sudden chill. At the same time, the open structure of the foam keeps air flowing through so you won’t overheat in the summer. It’s the best of both worlds. In fact, we think this type of mattress should come with a warning label: Users may not want to get out of bed in the morning!