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Category: Office

Don’t Forget The Small Spaces!

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No one wants a cluttered home, but sometimes your space can seem bare if certain parts of your rooms are left undecorated. The key is to strike a balance between total minimalism and too-busy decor. Don’t let a lack of square footage keep you from decorating some of these spots:

  1. Your hallway. If you have a nice, wide hallway, decorate it like a transitional room. Hang artwork on the walls and use a small piece of handmade furniture to showcase your antiques.
  2. The foot of your bed. A nice trunk, vintage chest, ottoman or a small desk would combine style and function.
  3. Under the stairs. Utilize this space for storage with a set of shelves or turn it into a cozy nook.
  4. Your foyer. The first thing your guests will see when they visit your home is the entryway. Layer it with decorative pottery or scones, or use a narrow table to display flowers. If you don’t have the room to properly decorate your foyer, hang a piece of art or an antique mirror on the wall.


Your Guide To A Rustic Home Office


When people think of a cabin, they think of a peaceful, secluded, rustic retreat where they can relax and recharge. While doing work isn’t exactly relaxing, getting it done in a peaceful environment can help ease any stress. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to give your home office a rustic theme. With some rustic home decor. a few pieces of Western furniture and a little creativity, you can feel like you’re retreating to your cabin during your work day.

Start by finding the main piece of office furniture: the desk. If your workspace doesn’t have to be large, our Blue Mesa Desk made from hardwood and oak veneers is a nice, versatile choice. Those who need more space to spread out will love our Dakota Executive Desk. Made from reclaimed timber, it features two cabinets for storage along with three top drawers. And if you’d like your home office to look especially elegant, you can’t go wrong with turquoise furniture. The San Juan Turquoise Inlay Desk is as beautiful as it is durable. Once you’ve found the right desk for your space, get a complementary (and comfortable) office chair.

Next, take stock of the papers, books, files and anything else you’ll need to store in your home office. Knowing what you have to work with will help you come up with your best storage solutions. In addition to drawers and shelves, be sure and add plenty of file cabinets to the office. They’ll neatly and securely store your personal paperwork and tax information along with your work supplies.

Proper lighting is vital for any home office to prevent eyestrain and provide the most comfortable work experience. Adding a Western style table lamp to your desk is a good way to increase the lighting while enhancing the rustic decor theme. Take advantage of natural lighting as much as possible—if your office has a window, keep curtains and blinds open during daylight hours.

Next comes the fun part—adding some rustic decor to the office. You can build some wall shelves out of reclaimed wood and add some books and small accessories. Go antique shopping for vintage prints and old signs to hang on the walls. Add some colorful Southwest style window treatments to the windows. Old milk crates and boxes will store your mail, bills and invoices. Hang a small chalkboard above your desk for notes instead of a whiteboard. Hang a horseshoe above the door to the office…it is said to provide good luck!

Finish up your rustic office with our Bear Clock, so you can monitor your work hours. And try to keep something fresh and living in the area, like a potted plant or a vase of fresh flowers. Once your rustic home office is complete, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to your mountain retreat every time you have to work.

The Rustic Home Office


Rustic home furnishings aren’t limited to your living room or your cabin interiors. The beauty of going country with your decor is that you can use it in every room without fear of going overboard. Since rustic decor tends to evoke a sense of comfort and peace, it makes sense to set up your home office with this theme. Use these rustic home office decorating ideas as inspiration to give your home work space a relaxed vibe.

Start by finding the perfect rustic desk. No home office is complete without a desk! The size of desk you’ll need will depend on the type of work you do as well as the amount of space available.

If you will use your home office to hole up and write the next great American novel, our Log Writing Desk in Skip Peel will be a perfect match. Artists and designers who need more space will be inclined to choose a Large Mission Desk. If you want to add some elegance to your rustic home office, go for a desk with turquoise inlay. And don’t forget about a rustic file cabinet to help you keep your paperwork organized.

Once you’ve decided on a desk, you can pick out the rustic home furnishing accessories to complement it. You may want to add some wall art featuring pictures or paintings of wide open spaces or cowboy culture. If you have bookshelves in your home office, add some rustic figurines or other country Western accessories. To add to the relaxed atmosphere, add a rug to the room. You can also consider covering your walls with fabric to enhance the relaxed vibe and give your space a country home look.

Of course, you’ll also want to make sure your rustic home office has the proper lighting. A nice table lamp will help you avoid eye strain while you work if your desk has the space to accommodate it. If the room doesn’t have adequate track lighting, a couple of well-placed floor lamps should provide all the light you need. If you want to create a more sophisticated work space, add a chandelier.

In short, designing a rustic home office is similar to creating a country vibe throughout the rest of your home. Select quality wood pieces that are durable and cater to the look you want to have. Accentuate with rusting home furnishing accessories, remembering to include pieces that bring you joy since your home office is your space to work and create. Since rustic home furnishings give every space a comfortable, homey look, your home office is the perfect place to decorate in this style.

Back to School: Upgrade Your Office Desk


Back to school time always gets us excited. Even though we don’t have to buy all of the supplies, we still love seeing all the notebooks and pencils and pens in the store. And this year, it has inspired to update the home décor and furnishings in our office. The easiest way to give your office a new look is with a fabulous desk that coordinates with your rustic home furnishings or cabin interior. Check out a few of our favorites: 

For a more polished look: San Juan Turquoise Inlay Desk

We love the unique character of handcrafted alder, 100 year-old oak, and stone inlay on these desks. Careful attention is paid during the construction of these one-of-a-kind pieces, from soft rounded edges and metal drawer slides, to wrought iron hardware and smooth joinery. 

For a simple and very affordable upgrade: The Large Mission Desk

This traditional Mission style desk in a medium oak stain looks great in many office spaces. It is constructed of hardwood solids and oak veneers with mortise and tenon joints to provide durability.

For a rustic look: The Log Writing Desk in Skip Peel

Designed with beauty to equal their practicality and usefulness this desk is just right for the home office or student’s room. It’s Handcrafted in Montana by skilled artisans who translate the beauty of nature into the lines of these high quality pieces. Each desk is constructed using solid American grown wood with a clear lacquer finish.



Rustic Furniture for a Quiet Office


Have you ever heard the phrase “sent to Coventry”? This is an old British saying that means ostracizing someone or giving them the silent treatment. If you’re a fan of Turner Classic Movies, you may recognize the term from the movie Captains Courageous where Harvey is put in Coventry. You can enjoy that particular clip here including the famous line, “Punching someone isn’t speaking to them, is it?”

At first, the silent treatment might seem like punishment. But if you work at home, there are probably some days when you wish everyone would just leave you the heck alone. No kids asking you to settle a dispute with a sibling. No spouse reminding you to finish up the “honey do” list. No clients calling you on the phone about this or that. You dream of being able to go into your office, close the door, and work in complete silence. Our Coventry desk is the ideal piece of rustic furniture to create the atmosphere of serenity and simplicity you crave. With its clean lines and smooth ash surface, you’ll find your mind clear and your wits sharp as you sit down to work.

Ranch Furniture for the Home Office

Do you miss the days when a desk was just a plain, unadorned worksurface that served as a springboard for creative and productive efforts? Does the idea of wiping fingerprints off a “trendy” glass and metal desk all the time make you wince? Are you offended at the idea of using a cheap composite desk covered with faux wood laminate? Do you give office desks that look like they ran away from the nearest cubicle farm a ‘thumbs down’?

We Suspected as Much

What you need is a real workhorse of a desk that fits in with the rest of the ranch furniture in your home or cabin. Our Blue Mesa desk is designed with your needs in mind. It’s a classic Mission style from back in the days when people wrote letters in longhand. It’s even got a felt-lined pencil tray in the drawer to hold your old fashioned writing implements.

Of course, you can just as easily pop out the tray and stash your tablet and smartphone in there if you like. We’ve included a two-outlet power bar and there’s a wiring access hole in the drawer. Ball bearing extension guides give the drawer a smooth ride and base levelers keep the desk rock solid on any flooring surface.

Quality Over Quality

That’s our term for furniture craftsmanship that involves layering high quality, beautifully figured and stained oak veneer over high quality, solid hardwood. The top of the desk is detailed with an eye-catching slate tile inlay that runs around the border. For a modest piece of furniture, this desk doesn’t scrimp in the good looks department. Don’t forget to order the matching office chair that features ergonomic adjustments for seat height, arm height and rocker tension.

Nice and Easy Does It

This item ships flat to save you money on transportation costs. That’s another reason you’ll love the simple design. You’ll feel like you had a part in building it with your own two hands in the few minutes it takes to assemble. Then, you can set your laptop on the gorgeous oak surface and get on with your white collar job.