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Category: Outdoor

Category: Outdoor

Colorado Furniture Store Showcase: Acacia


Acacia is the next stop on our virtual Colorado furniture store excursion. The most famous spot in CO named after this tree is Acacia Park in Colorado Springs. It is the oldest park in the city (established in 1871) and located right in the middle of downtown. This spot attracts quite a mixed crowd, which gives it a reputation for great people-watching. There’s an old-fashioned bandstand for open air concerts, a fountain where kiddos splash, and a place to play shuffleboard in the summer. Some folks don’t like the more threadbare side of the city showing through at the park. Others think it adds character.

In the same way, our Acacia collection will only appeal to those who embrace the beauty of natural imperfection. The 100% hardwood construction of this sturdy dining room set isn’t covered with a pretty veneer. Instead, each durable piece is hand finished to showcase the irregular grain and distressed look of real lumber. The lines of each piece are plain and square for an old-timey appearance. In fact, the kitchen table does look a little bit like a shuffleboard table…

Crazy About Bear Furniture Part 1


Here at our Colorado furniture store, we love bear furniture. We’ve got all kinds of artwork and upholstery featuring these compelling kings and queens of the North American woodlands. We also like to keep our eye out for fascinating bear furnishings from other cultures. For example, you should really take a look at this adorable bench and chair set at the Agricultural Museum.

This collection is on display at the Transylvanian Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest, Hungary. The hand carving is exquisite, especially the details of the fur. The friendly little expressions and the way the two bears on the bench are linking arms as if in a folk dance make us want to take these bears home with us. We bet Goldilocks would think that little chair with the baby bear underneath it was just right. Sadly, since these are in a museum, no one gets to sit on them – even if they are “beary careful”.

Four Decorating Ideas For Your Garden

If you enjoyed last week’s post about making a garden bench, you may also enjoy the ranch style decorating ideas below. These range in complexity from extremely simple items you can build in an afternoon to more challenging pieces that require serious carpentry skills. We’ve included a couple of DIY concepts and some premade ones that just require basic assembly. The real work begins once this furniture for your garden is built. You’ll keep filling them up with flowers or veggies year after year.

Raised Garden Bed

This is the classic way to double or triple your garden yield. If you want to grow vegetables in a raised bed, you’ll have to be careful about using reclaimed lumber which may be chemically treated. But for decorative flowers, you can certainly make use of old railroad ties or other discarded wood around your property. For best results, use a design that doesn’t rely on nails or screws to hold it together. Mortise and tenon joints will last for decades.

Cedar Raised Garden

This gardening container takes the raised bed concept up a notch or two. In fact, it’s ideal for seated gardening. If you think your days of digging in the dirt are over because of arthritis or mobility problems, you may change your mind. This gorgeous cedar garden system brings your plants within reach again. There’s nothing to bring back good memories like the scent of your favorite flowers.

Vertical Garden

Maybe you’ve seen this idea in a home improvement commercial. An exterior wall covered in petunias or other colorful annuals is certainly eye catching. But the frame is pretty pedestrian. It’s just an old wooden pallet and some used plastic jugs. Fill it up quick with lots of foliage and blooms to hide this little secret!

Hanging Garden

This “hardscape” feature is great looking even if it doesn’t have anything hanging from it. Add a couple of pails overflowing with vines, and it quickly becomes the center of attention in your yard. To cover up the containers, drill holes in the sides and plant horizontally as well as up top. Be sure to water these hanging plants often since they dry out quickly in the heat.



Country Home Furniture for Your Garden

Back at the Ranch Furniture can certainly fill every room in your house with country home furniture; but sometimes you need to get creative to carry that look into your outdoor living area as well. We found an amazing and cost-effective project to create a garden bed seat that would be a gorgeous addition to your front yard. Adam Woodhams published details of this project in Australian Better Homes & Gardens and made a helpful YouTube video tutorial that you can see here. He demonstrates how to give the finished piece the look of masonry. You could easily achieve a different effect with some wood veneer, stone, siding, or any other country-style façade that catches your fancy.

The furniture is basically a big raised garden bed with a perimeter that serves as a wooden bench. The soil drainage in this design would be excellent and you could add any type of dirt you want to the central container. This makes it the perfect location to plant some real showcase blooms that don’t typically do well in Colorado topsoil. Just avoid planting anything that attracts a lot of bees. That could make your languid spring morning in the garden a little too exciting!

From Our Colorado Furniture Store to Your Lodge

Are you building a lodge for a remote getaway that’s available to “members only”? Are you redecorating a mountaintop B&B so you can invite visitors to a cozy lodge-style hideaway? Perhaps you have an old-fashioned lodge in the woods that’s been passed down through many generations in your family. At our Colorado furniture store, we’ve got rustic yet elite home furnishings to make every room hospitable. The lounge area is the first place people see when they enter your lodge, so that’s a good place to start in your search for the perfect furniture collection.

Our Timberland collection is particularly popular – partly because it’s made of poplar. This wood has gotten a bad rap from some woodworkers for being “ugly”. That is, it isn’t a highly figured lumber and it tends to blotch when it’s stained. On the other hand, as one of the softer hardwoods, it’s nice and easy to work with. The challenge is to make it look pretty. Some woodworkers go to great lengths with special staining techniques to achieve the desired effect. But we went the simpler route – we leave the bark on. It adds a great, rugged texture to the furniture. The kiln-dried wood frames on our sofas and rockers come with a lifetime warranty. And, since you get to pick from a range of our artful fabric coverings, we can guarantee that your furniture will look as pretty as you please! Click here to view the items available in the Timberland style.

Outdoor DIY Decorating Ideas for Cabins

Do you have a hankering to do a weekend project that will add a special touch to your cabin? We’ve collected some fun and easy DIY decorating ideas that let you get “hands-on”. These projects are suitable for all ages, so bring the kids along.

Pebble Mat

Do you love the feel of smooth river stones underfoot? Why not make a durable mat that features these naturally beautiful colors, shapes and textures? You can use it at the front entrance if you choose a rugged backing material. Make it nice and shiny with some polyurethane gloss so the rocks look like they were just pulled from a nearby stream. Use a backing that lets water evaporate and you can even put the mat by an outdoor shower. Choose all one color of rocks or experiment with multiple colors to create different designs.

Mesh shelf liner (the grippy rubber kind), adhesive and a few bags of purchased or collected river rocks are the materials it takes to complete your own mat. Colorado River Rock is considered some of the nicest in the US, so you’re living in the right place for easy access to a quarry. One Pretty Thing has detailed instructions along with advice for making your mat sturdy and weather resistant.

Wine Bottle Border

This is another easy outdoor project to create a border for a pathway or flower bed. But it may take months of preparation (depending on how much wine you typically imbibe). Actually, you might check with your neighbors to see if they have any “empties” in their recycle you can use. Beer bottles work too, so you could always throw a few BYOB parties at your cabin to collect enough material for a border.

Different sizes and colors just make the border more interesting. All you need is a LOT of glass beverage bottles, a hand trowel, and a padded kneeler. The lovely thing about this border is that you can create your own fluid contours and accents to complement the natural landscape.

Douglas Welch (author of A Gardener’s Notebook blog) offers a YouTube tutorial that takes you through the process step by step. Just remember that Colorado soil tends to be heavy clay rather than the loose California sand Doug is working with. This means you’ll also need some elbow grease or a good post hole digger. People who have done this project in cooler climes report that freezing and thawing doesn’t appear to affect the bottles. If one does crack, you can always replace it with a new one.

Not enthused about getting your hands dirty? That’s no problem. You can still get rustic cabin decorations with just the right handmade touch. Check out our Accessories and Accents collection from the BATR home page here.