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Category: The Blog

How Long Will It Last? Furniture’s True Lifespan

Ashland CH Leather Furniture’s True Lifespan

Sometimes it’s glaringly obvious when it’s time to replace your Western furniture—a saggy mattress or a ripped sofa are good clues. But sometimes it’s not so clear. Depending on the quality of the furniture you buy, you can get many years of good use out of it. But nothing lasts forever, and all of your home decor definitely has expiration dates. Here’s how to know when it’s time to replace some of your home’s essentials.

The Mattress

Regardless of whether you have a traditional spring mattress, a memory foam mattress or a water bed, it’s best to replace it every so often to ensure you’re getting the best support. You can expect to keep your mattress for 8-10 years. After a decade, replace it even if you’ve been rotating it regularly. Your back will thank you.

The Sofa

This can be a tricky replacement, because sometimes a sofa might look fine while harboring broken springs and a slightly saggy middle. To avoid a sofa snafu, replace it with a new model every 7-15 years, depending on the quality. If you can keep a sofa looking pristine for 15 years, you deserve a new one!


The spot where you lay your head each night can last several years if you wash it regularly. If you don’t, treat yourself to a new pillow once a year. If you can fold a pillow in half and it doesn’t automatically unfold, it’s time for a new one. For sofa and decorative pillows, use your best judgement, but replacing them every few years is a good idea.


Your carpet’s needs will depend on the quality. Apartment grade carpet should be replaced every five years, max—every two or three years is better. The most expensive grade of carpet can last around 20 years with proper treatment, while the mid-grade variety should be replaced every 10-15 years.

Handmade Furniture

Again, this depends on the quality of the piece—a bedside table built by your uncle in his woodshed might have a shorter shelf life than a handcrafted dining set made by a professional or skilled laborer. For higher end handmade furniture, you can expect to keep it for many years, possibly even generations. Many antiques are handmade.

Shower Curtains

Replace your shower curtain liners every 3 to 12 months depending on the amount of mold they’re exposed to. It’s best not to keep a shower curtain liner longer than a year.

Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered sofas and chairs are in a category of their own. If the piece is only a few years old, you can always reupholster it. But if it has been 7-10 years, you should probably replace it. This will all depend on wear and tear… if your home is full of young children or pets, you may be buying new furniture fairly often.

Knowing When it’s Time

Signs of wear and tear or suggested timelines aren’t the only factors to consider when you’re deciding when to buy new furniture. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start hunting for new pieces:

  • Is anything broken? If one of your key pieces of furniture has recently broken, it’s definitely time to replace it when you can. Broken items should be replaced quickly.
  • Are you moving to a new home, expanding your current one or purchasing a second home? For example, if your family acquires a new cabin, you’ll want to budget for cabin furniture. Adding square footage to your home often means adding new furniture.
  • Do you have enough beds? If you have a spare bedroom with no bed in it, it’s probably time to buy new furniture, assuming you intend to use the room for guests. If you don’t have enough furniture to fill your home, that’s a good indication that you need some.
  • Can you afford to spend the money? If you’ve got some money budgeted for new furniture, you don’t have to wait. You may decide to upgrade an entire room or change your decor to match your new furniture, though, so try and budget a little extra if you can.
  • Do you truly need new furniture, or do you just want a change? There’s nothing wrong with growing bored of a room’s current look. You spend a lot of time at home, so it’s only natural to want a change now and then. It could be that your furniture is fine and you just need a change. In that case, paint the walls, add some decorative pillows and rearrange the furniture—unless, of course, you’ve got your heart set on a leather sofa and you’re ready to take the plunge.
The Ultimate Sneaky Home Storage Solutions

The Ultimate Sneaky Home Storage Solutions Back at the Ranch

Ask any homeowner (or renter!) what one of their biggest decorating dilemmas is and they’re sure to mention a lack of home storage space. Not every home is adorned with enough closets and cupboards to comfortably stash every item you own. And while the minimalist lifestyle is growing in popularity, it’s certainly not for everyone, especially people with large families.

But with a little creativity with your Western furniture and a few tips and tricks, you can enjoy a clutter-free home no matter how many closets your rooms lack. Read on for the best home storage solutions and great ideas for every room.

Living Room / Family Room

The most frequently used room in your home can become the most cluttered if you’re not careful. Your best bet for minimizing clutter in this area is to turn your furniture into built-in storage. You can do this in two ways: by buying attractive shelves that blend style and function, and by utilizing storage-friendly furniture like storage ottomans. When shopping for new handmade furniture, always keep your storage options in mind.

Think of the phrase “ hide and sit.” Window seats and benches provide a cozy spot for lounging and allow you to have plenty of storage space. Cubbies under the cushions can hold toys, books, gloves and hats. Using a nook between built-in cabinets and bookcases can provide additional seating in your living room or dining room.

Use a vintage ladder to hang your blankets comfortably. That way you won’t have to rummage through closets all winter.

If you have an exceptionally large living room, divide it! Use a long, narrow freestanding closet or sets of shelves to break the room up into two sections and give you additional storage options. Or, stock up on a few vintage factory storage lockers and turn your coat closet into a room divider.


Does your home have a tiny kitchen? Rejoice—with a little creativity, you can still enjoy using all of your appliances and dishes. Here are our best storage tips for small spaces:

  • Utilize baskets. Stick items in bins and place the bins on top of your cupboards for an organized solution.
  • The skinny space between your refrigerator and wall is perfect for storing canned goods.
  • May a DIY shelf on the wall. On top, arrange some tins and bins. On the bottom, hang mason jars and store spices, nuts and herbs. Get the tutorial here.
  • Convert an old armoire into a miniature pantry to store your spices and dry goods.
  • Take advantage of your vertical space. A small shipping pallet is the perfect foundation for shelves for small items, hooks for spoons and measuring ups, and a metallic strip for knives. If you have a cabin, this will look great in the kitchen next to all that cabin furniture.
  • Got spare magazine files? Use them to store things like plastic wrap and aluminum foil.
  • Designate work spaces. Assign each area a specific task, like coffee station or food prep area.


If you have an older house or a small space, you may only have one bathroom. In that case, you’ll have to get creative to store items for the whole family and still get the look of a peaceful, serene, well decorated space.

If you don’t already have a cabinet above the sink, try adding a shelf above or below the mirror. Using glass jars to store things like cotton balls and small toiletries will help free up the drawers for things you’d rather keep hidden like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Don’t waste the space above your toilet. This is the perfect place for a cabinet or some shelves, which are inexpensive to set up and priceless for storage.

For women, storing cosmetics and other beauty items can be very tricky in a small bathroom. We suggest fastening spice racks to the wall, storing makeup in mason jars and arranging perfume bottles of them.

Hang your towels on the back of your door. Installing hooks or bars is simple and fast.

Out of space under the sink? Mount a shelf directly above the door for toilet paper, rolled up bath towels and baskets full of small items.

Speaking of that under the sink space, using small drawers or baskets there will help keep everything secure and organized.

A vintage ladder or ladder shelf also makes a great place to hang towels.

Don’t forget to purge

Getting organized means going through your things and deciding what to keep and what to donate or sell. If you haven’t used something in awhile or it doesn’t suit your style anymore, don’t hesitate to part with it, especially if you need to buy something new. You’ll feel much happier and lighter when your closets and shelves are full of only the necessities and things you and your family truly cherish.

Bring Southwest Style To Your Kitchen


Vibrant, eclectic and cultural, Southwestern decor is a popular design choice for the home. Influenced heavily by the Mexican and Native American heritage of that area, Southwestern design is categorized by its patterns and motifs, rustic materials, earthy and bold hues, and its comfortable simplicity. For these reasons, it makes a great decor theme for the kitchen. If you’ve got some Southwest furniture in your living room or dining room, consider giving your kitchen some Southwestern flair.

First, decorate with some Talavera tile. Talavera tiles are hand-painted and hail from Spain, which is famous for its ceramics. The tiles are used all over Mexico and are a must for any Southwest kitchen. You can use Talavera tiles to line the walls, decorate above the stove or accentuate the kitchen counters.

Stick to old-style finishes for your plumbing and lighting, like copper or bronze. Use the same finish for your light fixtures. This will give the kitchen an authentic look.

Finally, add some festive finishing touches. Place some Mexican pottery pieces on top of the cupboards. Stencil a design over the doorway. Add a vase with fresh sunflowers to the kitchen table. Design is in the details!

How To Decorate A Coffee Table

Your coffee table plays an important role in your home decor and furniture. And finding the perfect fit is just the first step to coffee table ownership—you’ll also have to decorate it. Whether you’re a minimalist or into the shabby-chic look, you’ll have an array of options for your cabin interiors tabletop. Here are a few coffee table decorating ideas:

  • Add a stack of books to a corner. Use a few large, pretty books to make a stack, and top the stack off with something decorative that fits your theme.
  • Place something fresh in the center. This can be a potted plant, a vase of fresh flowers or even a basket of fruit. This will add life to your room and provide color that will be easy to change.
  • If you have a small coffee table, keep in simple and place a tray in the center or off to a side. Add a few candles and small knick knacks that reflect your personality.
  • Add some glass bottles, old or new, to add a vintage touch. Use bottles made from the same materials with similar colors but different shapes.

Your coffee table will be the focal point of your living space, so make sure to dress it up to reflect your decorating style.

Three Good Reasons To Go Rustic

Ranch furniture and rustic decor aren’t for everyone. Some people prefer sleek, modern boldness or a beachy interior. But rustic home furnishings have stayed popular for a reason: they give any home a warm, inviting look and create a comfortable vibe. If you’re redecorating your home this season and are considering going rustic with your cabin interiors, here are three good reasons to consider a country home look:

1. Aesthetic appeal. Savvy home decorators and design enthusiasts see the aesthetic value in decorating with rustic home furnishings. Every piece at Back at the Ranch is unique and many of them are handcrafted or bench-made by skilled artisans so your home will always have a one-of-a-kind look.

2. Versatility. Most rustic pieces blend beautifully with traditional, contemporary and even bold modern interiors. Leather furniture, for example, caters to a wide variety of decor styles. If you go with rustic decor, you’ll be able to redecorate down the line without making a lot of expensive changes.

3. Atmosphere. Whether it was your grandmother’s old quilt-filled farmhouse or your parents’ rustic cabin, you may already associate that warm, fuzzy feeling of being at home with country home furnishings and decor. If that’s the kind of atmosphere you want to have in your own home, you can’t go wrong with rustic.

Look We Love: Rustic Meets Modern

If you’ve visited our Colorado furniture store or shopped our country home furniture and accessories online, you know we absolutely love the look of rustic home furnishings. Classic, versatile and undeniably attractive, rustic decor looks great in everything from cabin interiors to big, fancy houses. One trend we’ve noticed lately among home interiors that we adore is blending rustic decor with modern touches. If you love the way this combination looks too, get inspired with these ideas for blending these two trends in your home.

How to Add Rustic Decor to a Modern Home

If your home is decked out with modern furniture and art, there are plenty of ways you can add some rustic home furnishings without it looking strange. When done correctly, combining these two looks results in a sleek home interior that also looks comfortable and inviting. The key is knowing which pieces will complement each other and which will clash.

If you’ve got edgy modern couches and love seats, consider placing a cowhide rug in the center of the room to add a rustic vibe. If you think that would be a bit much, a Canyon Trail Rug will add a more subtle country vibe. As for lighting, our Aspen Chandelier casts a warm glow and adds the perfect pop of country Western style to a modern home. This piece works especially well if you have an open living room that blends into your kitchen or dining area.

Leather furniture lends itself to both the modern and rustic trends, so if you already own it, add some softness with some country-style throw pillows or drape a cowhide blanket over the back. Also, bringing in some fresh wild flowers or accessorizing with Earth tones are great ways to accentuate with rustic touches.

How to Add Modern Decor to a Rustic Home

If your home is already decked out in rustic home furnishings, you may want to spruce things up with a little modern flair. Achieving a modern rustic look this way will be a breeze since the two styles work so well together.

Wood is an essential part of rustic decor just like steel emulates the modern look. Luckily, these two materials make a perfect pairing. Consider adding our Acacia dining table and chairs to your dining space. Acacia is versatile enough to complement any decor style. In the living room, place a large black and white photo of a city skyline behind your big, oversized Western-style couch. Add a glass coffee table and, if you have a fireplace, store your firewood in these modern stocking shelves.

For more inspiration on blending these two trends, get inspired by this gallery on or visit our Colorado furniture store.


Take Another Look at Leather


There’s no doubt about it—leather furniture looks right at home in any rustic cabin or country house. Durable, luxurious and long-lasting, leather upholstery makes a great choice for country home furniture. If you’re in the market for some new rustic home furnishings, consider taking a look at leather.

There are quite a few misconceptions about leather furniture. Some people think that it won’t last long, while others think that it’s hard to care for. In fact, the opposite is true: leather is a natural product and therefore it becomes even more beautiful as it ages. Aging brings out its natural patina. To care for your leather upholstery, wipe it with a clean soap-free cloth during your normal cleaning routine and have a deep cleaning session every 6 to 12 months.

Some people also think they shouldn’t have leather furniture because of their pets or kids. In reality, your leather furniture will be just as safe as the rest of your home furnishings. If you’re worried about your cat using it as a scratching post, you can have an extra finish applied to your pieces to give them extra protection.

Leather warms to your body heat and stays pleasantly cool in the summertime, creating a comfortable place to sit year round. When it comes to country home furniture, you can’t go wrong with leather upholstery.

Every Bedroom Needs a Nightstand


It holds your valuable possessions, makes a good resting spot for your favorite book, holds a bedside lamp in style and stays by your side as you sleep. Next to a bed, your nightstand is the most useful piece of furniture in the bedroom. And no matter how small your space is, you should have one.

If your bedroom is full of rustic home furnishings, you may not think a nightstand is necessary. But just browse our collection and you’ll see that we’ve got a nightstand to complement all your country home furniture. Our Glacier Log Nightstand is handcrafted and would be perfect for cabin interiors. Our Colorado Bark 1 Drawer Nightstand is ideal for anyone wanting to add a little eclectic flair to their rusting home furnishings.

When shopping for a nightstand for your bedroom, always consider the height, size and storage needs. Think about what you will want to store in your nightstand before you buy it. Also think about your style…you may want it to match your other furniture, but choosing a nightstand with contrasting materials is sure to make it stand out.

Decorating Ideas for Your Sectional Sofa

A big sectional sofa can be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your living area. It certainly makes entertaining easier when you don’t have to haul out folding chairs to seat everyone. At the same time, a 3 piece sectional is a whole lot of real estate. You’ll want do something to break up its outline and give it some character. Here are your go-to decorating ideas to do just that.

  • Pile on the throw pillows in all sizes, shapes, colors, fabrics and textures (don’t worry about matching the sofa, match the rest of the décor instead)
  • Use arm covers to “bookend” the sofa and make it look smaller (as a bonus, they keep the arms of your sofa looking new longer)
  • Separate the pieces of the sectional and throw a different style of blanket or duvet over each one to make it look like you have an eclectic seating collection
  • Rugs that peek out from underneath the sofa can add more interest and help break up the room

To imagine what our sofas would look like in your living room, check out the BATR sectional selection here.

Bunkbeds for Luxury Cabin Interiors?

Bedroom space in cabin interiors just isn’t complete without a bunkbed (or two). But sometimes, a couple of twin beds just won’t fill out the room and make it really comfortable. For example, you might invite over guests who have a child. You could put them in a room with a regular bed and a cot, air mattress or trundle bed for their son or daughter. Or, the offspring might end up sleeping on a pull out couch in the front room. But a bunkbed with a twin mattress on the top tier and a queen sized mattress on the bottom tier could be an ideal solution. It literally keeps the child out from underfoot at night and makes sure they have Mom and Dad nearby in case of nightmares.

What’s Special about These Bed Frames?

There’s actually a story behind the lodgepole pine trees that make up the frames of our rustic bunkbeds. Back in the 1960s and 70s, acres upon acres of piney woods in places such as the Blue Mountains in Oregon fell prey to devastating infestations of mountain pine beetles. These insects lay their eggs just under the bark of the pine trees where the sap flows, carrying moisture and nutrients. When the eggs hatch, the larvae eat their way through this living part of the tree. If they eat all the way around the trunk, the tree dies from being “girdled”.

However, the trees can remain standing for many years after they are killed. They don’t decay right away. Instead, they dry out and become a fire hazard. A few dead trees here and there and occasional forest fires aren’t an issue. But when too many trees die in one location, this is a big problem. So, carefully harvesting these dead trees helps keep the whole forest safer and healthier.

This Wood Works Best for Beds

The dead lodgepole pines are too small in diameter for most building purposes – but they are perfect for making bunkbeds. They look especially eye-catching when they have been skip peeled to show facets of both the dark outer layer (cambrian) and the pale layer of wood underneath. This effect is achieved by using a drawknife to peel off pieces by hand. Of course, there aren’t any beetles left in the wood by the time it gets to your cabin. But it makes a good story to tell the kids before they go to sleep. If they are very quiet, they might hear the sounds of the grubs chewing and chewing…