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Category: Turquoise Furniture

Category: Turquoise Furniture

Three Popular Home Trends For 2015


It may already be mid-spring, but there’s still plenty of time to get in on the latest home trends for 2015. This year, interior designers are steering clear of many modern influences and getting back to rustic simplicity. This includes American-made handmade furniture, Western furniture and vintage items. Here are the top trends you’ll see for the remainder of the year.

  1. Elements of nature. This trend is nothing new for anyone with a mountain or country home, but decorating with natural touches is now mainstream. But this means more than using baskets of pinecones as centerpieces or small stones in vases, although those are still good ideas. Furniture crafted from reclaimed wood and turquoise inlay tables are increasing in popularity.
  2. 2.     Blue. From furniture to accessories, blue is replacing marsala as the most popular color of the year. While bold and deep blues are meant to stand out, a nice light sky blue can blend right in with most color schemes. If you can’t commit to a piece of blue furniture, try hanging blue curtains or using blue sofa pillows. 
  3. 3.     Made in America. At Back at the Ranch, we’ve been embracing this trend for years. But it seems that more and more people are opting for unique American-made items with character.



Summer Decorating: Bring in Turquoise Furniture


The start of a new season is the perfect time to freshen up the look of your home with new decorating ideas. And one of our favorite tricks is bringing in a touch of turquoise for the summer. While turquoise is most often thought of in jewelry — and gets top billing as a go to staple for summer accessories — we think it makes an equally stunning furniture accent.

Much of our Turquoise Furniture Collection is comprised of designs from the San Juan Collection, which features the unique character of handcrafted alder, 100 year-old oak, and turquoise inlay. Each piece of our turquoise inlay furniture is one-of-a-kind and will add the soul of the southwest to any room.

One of our favorite pieces is the San Juan Turquoise Bench. It’s the perfect statement piece to use in your entryway as you welcome guests into your home or at the foot of a bed. Careful attention is paid during the construction of these one-of-a-kind pieces, from soft rounded edges and metal drawer slides, to wrought iron hardware and smooth joinery.

From benches to beds and bedside tables, this stunning stone makes a perfect accent. And don’t forget to pair it with pieces from your own turquoise collection. We love seeing a beautiful squash blossom necklace or silver-and-turquoise cuff laid out on a bedside table or bench!

Turquoise “Jewelry” for Cabin Interiors

wood end tablesSometimes, we like to think of home décor like a wardrobe. With that frame of reference, cabin interiors are like an outfit you’d wear on vacation. You want to be comfortable, but it is a special occasion. That means you wear a gorgeous, creative accessory to dress things up. However, you don’t pull out the gold, diamonds or pearls for a romantic walk along the lakeshore. Instead, you need something earthier. Turquoise comes to mind as the perfect element to bring you back into contact with Nature.

Now, this “jewelry” doesn’t just come in silver wrist bangles, pendants and earrings. You can also feature it in your cabin décor. The San Juan collection features this aesthetic in a lovely line of handcrafted wood furniture pieces that incorporate turquoise inlay. For example, the Chairside Table is made from alder and 100 year old oak with wrought iron hardware – a fitting setting for this uniquely artistic semi-precious stone.