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The Most Unlikely Pairings In Home Decor Trends

The Most Unlikely Pairings In Home Decor Trends
Posted on: February 18th, 2017 by batr


They say that love is blind, but that certainly doesn’t mean you should decorate the home you love like you’re blind. That being said, experimenting with your style can not only teach you more about what you like, but it can reveal some rather unique but surprisingly perfect pairings. In other words, decorating your home in a little bit like dating when you’re young.

February is the month of love, and some romantic relationships have certainly begun as unlikely pairings. So we’ve decided to list some of the top unlikely home trend pairings that have ended up working beautifully together.


Modern and Western

Close your eyes and imagine your beautiful Western furniture next to modern wall art. That doesn’t always conjure up a pretty picture, does it? Now imagine that modern wall art is a poster-sized portrait of the Grand Tetons or the Colorado Rockies. Doesn’t that seem better? Modern trends and old-school Western decor can work well together. The key is to not overdo it and to pair items that will complement, not complicate, each other.


Blue and Black

They are lovely colors on their own, especially for home decorating. But most people are of the opinion that blue and black don’t pair well together in a home. But they do (especially darker blues), and there really are no “rules” for making it work—you’ll know it when you see it. Just steer clear of using a shade of navy that is so dark it looks black (for obvious reasons).


Green and Pale Peach

If you own a lot of Southwest furniture, you’re probably used to decorating with bold, bright hues. But skipping the turquoise or sunny yellow for something a little more subtle will put you in a more relaxed state of mind, which is probably what you’re going for when you’re at home. If these colors don’t seem like they’d match, imagine a picture of a cactus set against a pink and peach sunset and you’ll see what we mean.


Marble and Brass

Marble and brass became a more commonly used combination a few years ago. Since 2015, the trend had dominated kitchens and bathrooms. There’s just something about something as natural and clean as marble teamed up with something industrial like brass that simply works.


Lavender and Teal

If you have a small, subtle space—like a home office alcove, a bathroom, laundry room or even an entryway—don’t rule out going for lavender with a pop of teal. This could be as dramatic as painting the walls lavender and getting teal accessories, or you could make it more subtle and simply combine the two hues while you decorate.


Two Contrasting Area Rugs

Newsflash: Your decorative rugs don’t have to match. In fact, your entire home might look better if they don’t. Pick rugs that have one or two of the same hues to visually tie them together, then deck your floors and hallways out with rugs in contrasting patterns.


Mismatched Dining Room Chairs

There’s nothing wrong with buying sets of furniture that match, but a home full of nothing but coordinated pieces can seem a bit stuffy. One easy solutions is to swap out your matching dining room chairs for chairs that don’t match each other. It actually looks more put together than you might think. To really draw attention and add comfort, replace two of your dining room chairs with a bench.


Peacock Blue and Leafy Green

No matter how much or where you try this odd color combination, you’ll be surprised by how good the two hues look when they’re together. They make your space seem more contemporary.


A Bright Accent Wall in a Neutral Room

Most people are content to leave the main rooms of their homes filled with neutral hues. But to liven things up, try adding a vibrant color to one wall. If that seems like too much of a commitment, you can always paint on a shape and decorate around it. But typically, a bright wall in a room full of browns and beiges livens it right up.


A Rustic Cabin and a Chandelier

If you’re lucky enough to own a cabin, you’ve probably devoted your time to keeping it cozy and filled with comfortable cabin furniture. For a little (hopefully positive) shock value, install a beautiful chandelier in your living or dining area. It doesn’t have to be anything especially intricate, but seeing the chandelier in your space will make the entire cabin seem a little more sophisticated. The soft lighting you’ll see in your cabin will be just a beautiful bonus.

Remember, your home is unlike anyone else’s. Therefore, you will definitely know which of these tips are realistic for you and which simply aren’t feasible in your space. But never stop experimenting with your decorating, because you never know what just might work.