10 Ways To Make Your Home the Happiest Place on Earth

10 Ways To Make Your Home the Happiest Place on Earth

Posted by Back at the Ranch Furniture Staff on May 14th 2019

Home is where the heart is, and when your home seems cheerful and cozy, that seems especially true. And if you’ve ever walked into a house that just “felt” happy, you know that it really can make all the difference in how you feel when you’re there. Happiness might be a feeling, but you’d be surprised at the impact the colors, Western furniture and decor you use in your rooms can contribute to that feeling.

Could your home stand to improve in the happiness department? You don’t have to spend a fortune on new decor or buy sage in bulk. Just incorporate some of these 10 tips to suit you and watch your family’s smiles increase.

1) Choose colors that flatter. No, we’re not talking about the contents of your closet. But just like you buy clothing that you look best in, it’s important to decorate your rooms with colors that flatter your mood as well. If you enjoy yellow and orange hues and they make you look and feel your best, a sunny room full of Southwest furniture might be your best bet. If lavender makes you relax, deck your master bathroom out in light purple.

2) Choose furniture with curves. Here’s a tip: Round shapes make a space feel inviting. They soften a room and make the space feel more inviting and livable. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy all new furniture, but if you own any round pieces, play them up.

3) Decorate with what you love. It sounds like simple advice, but it really does make a huge difference. Buy only things you love and you know you’ll never tire of. If you truly enjoy something, you will find a place for it in your home.

4) Weed through your books and family heirlooms. We hold on to books that once brought us joy and things that have been handed down to us because of the sentimental value. But that can do more harm than good. Books carry a surprising amount of emotional weight, and so do family heirlooms you’re no longer using. It can be hard to part with these things, but it’s much harder to keep them and allow them to take up precious space. Take a deep breath and try to find them loving homes. If you can’t bear to part with something, at least give it a makeover or a fresh coat of paint. Handmade furniture never goes out of style.

5) Make a colorful statement in your entryway. This is the first area you see when you open your front door, so make your foyer fabulous. Place a colorful bench in eyesight or dare to paint a wall a bold hue. First impressions count!

6) Go bold in your small spaces. The smaller the room, the more drama you’ll need. Try decorating a small home office or spare bedroom in bright colors or patterns and notice how much happier you feel.

7) Get rid of collections that no longer bring you joy. This can be just as difficult as partying with a precious family heirloom, but it’s so necessary. If you walk into the kitchen and see your collection of antique salt and pepper shakers you haven’t cared for in 15 years, you’ll only feel depressed, anxious or mentally cluttered. Plus, if you display your old collections, you’ll never be able to really mix up your decor or add freshness to your rooms. If it’s no longer in your best interest to keep that collection, get rid of it. You’ll make someone else happy, and that alone should bring you some joy. Plus, you might just make enough cash to buy something new and beautiful for your home.

8) Keep your seating as neutral as possible. When your sofa is a white, light or neutral hue, it feels lighter and more conducive to conversations. A bold-patterned sofa can be distracting and overwhelming. If you have a printed couch, cover the back of it with a cozy throw and keep the rest of your furniture light for balance.

9) Rethink your heavy drapes. This is a matter of personal preference, but heavy drapes can shroud your living room in darkness and collect a lot of dust. Generally, the heavier the window treatments are, the heavier the atmosphere feels in a room. So save the blackout drapes for your bedroom and keep light, airy window treatments in your living room. It really will help.

10) Never underestimate the power of white paint. Think about it: White is associated with light, and when we feel “light,” we feel good. White also reflects light, sending off a prism of color that you may not even be consciously aware of. Dark spaces can transform into cheery areas simply by painting the walls white. If you prefer colorful walls in your home, start by trying out an all-white kitchen. Between the white hues and the delicious things you bake in the oven, you should feel happy whenever you’re there.

Some people don’t go overboard with the family photos, but it’s always nice to keep a few framed photos of the people you love in your home’s common areas. Create a small gallery wall of family and friend photos for your entryway, living room or a common hallway. There’s nothing like seeing the smiling faces of those you love to elevate your mood.