19 Interior Decorating Ideas to Leave Behind in 2019

19 Interior Decorating Ideas to Leave Behind in 2019

Posted by Back at the Ranch Furniture Staff on Nov 26th 2018

Happy New Year! As you make your resolutions and set your intentions for 2019, you’re probably looking around your home and planning some improvement projects. After all, home is where the heart is, and you want your rooms to be your best reflection of yourself.

Just like with fashion and beauty, home decor trends come and go. Luckily, classics like Western furniture and handmade furniture are here to stay. But you can also do a lot to modernize your home simply by making a few updates. In the spirit of “out with the old, in with the new,” we’ll list 16 decor trends you should feel free to leave behind in the year we’ve just exited.

But remember, your house in your own, and that means you can keep anything around that you’d like. If you love the way some of these trends look in your home, leave them alone and enjoy them. If not, let them go.

Chevron Everything

Sometimes too much of a good thing just isn’t a good thing. Chevron is a pattern that works for practically any decorating style, but it’s pretty easy to overdo. Scale back on your chevron this year. If you really love it, keep a couple of patterned pillows.


Brass does look elegant, but there was a bit of an overkill of it in 2016. If you love the look, stick to small brass accents or, better yet, mix your metals.

All White Rooms

Don’t get us wrong, there’s not much more relaxing than walking into a living room with white walls, cream-colored carpets, a white sofa and neutral accents. But 2017 will bring a surge of rooms accented with bold blue or navy hues. Try the trend and see if you like it. You can always go back to “all white everything” if you don’t like the way it looks.

Sharp Edges

Ready to take the edge off? A boxy piece of furniture or two is fine, but 2017 is going to be the year that rounded edges and circular pieces make a comeback. The idea is to create a softer, more inviting look.

DIY Everything

Anyone with a rustic or Western home has probably incorporated some DIY projects into their decor, and that’s great. But it’s time to add a few artisanal pieces that were the work of skilled artists, like porcelain work and glass blowing.

Oversized Furniture

Oversized furniture is taking a backseat to more space-efficient pieces in 2017. More space is never a bad thing. Hello, cabin furniture!

Indigo Everything

This hue has been everywhere, but it’s time to scale back and give some other variations of blue some attention. This doesn’t mean you must rid your home of all things indigo, just add some other colors to the mix.


There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a strict color palette for a room, but if you do that, try adding some variation in the shades and choosing mix-and-match furniture over solid sets.

Cut Flowers

Indoor plants are officially the new flower arrangements. Stock up on some new greenery. Save vases of cut flowers for special occasions.

Words on Pillows

Again, if you love your quote cushions, by all means, keep them. But the trend certainly seems to be fizzling out. Swap them out for some solid pillows or some patterned pieces.


Consider this your permission to redo your kitchen countertops… if you want to, that is. Marble is everywhere, but you just might be seeing less of it in 2017.

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper was trendy in 2016, but it’s another trend that will be left behind soon. If you tried it, replace it with wallpaper that’s a little more subtle… after all, a little color goes a long way.

Gallery Walls Gone Wild

We will forever love the gallery wall, and it’s not going anywhere, thank goodness. But mismatched frames and quirky textures only work for part of the wall, not all of it.

Geometric Tiles

We love a unique backsplash, but the geometric tiles on kitchen backsplashes and feature walls in bathrooms have been done. Get creative this year.

Mirrors Everywhere

A couple of well-placed mirrors can add the appearance of space to your rooms, making them appear much bigger. And that’s a trend that will never go out of style. But if you overdo it, you could end up with a Wonderland-like appearance.

The TV Over the Fireplace

We get it, it’s a huge space saver. And it looks great. But think about it: The television is there to entertain you. The fireplace is there to relax you after a long day and bathe you in warmth. Putting them together diminishes the effects of both. Get a beautiful armoire for your TV and leave the fireplace as the stand-alone piece it was meant to be.