How To: Buying a Live Edge Table

How To: Buying a Live Edge Table

Posted by Back at the Ranch Furniture Staff on Jan 2nd 2019

How to: Live Edge Furniture

The process of buying any large piece of furniture can be a nightmare when you are not sure what it will look like in person, have no idea about the quality, or just aren’t sure what will fit into your space you have available, and all of these problems can become even bigger when that piece of furniture is a live edge table for a number of reasons. Each piece being unique can be a struggle for the planning and buying of these pieces. Fortunately, our staff at Back at the Ranch Furniture is here to help with the “How to” guide on buying Live Edge Furniture.

When you are designing a piece of custom handmade furniture, regardless of what it is, a few things need to happen. First, you need to find the measurements of the maximum amount of space this piece can take up, and work your way down from there. This will narrow down the choices of slabs, due to there being some HUGE slabs available. Next, once you have your measurements, go to here: Live Edge Table Choices to pick out the base/legs of the table, as well as the finish and stain of your ideal table. After picking out your preferred choices, give our staff a call here: Contact Us to continue with this process. From here, we will be in contact with our manufacturer to get all the slabs that are currently available, compatible with your customization choices, and within your measurement requirements. Once we get back pictures and dimensions of the in stock slabs of wood, we will reach back out to you to choose the perfect slab for you. Once you pick out the slab of wood that you want for your custom live edge table, we will put the ball in motion, and the artisan woodworkers will get to work creating your personal masterpiece.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email.

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