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Category: Holidays

Category: Holidays

12 Creative Holiday Decorating Ideas You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

12 Creative Holiday Decorating IdeasIt’s the most wonderful time of the year… again! If you follow a lot of design blogs and decor magazines, you’re most likely being bombarded with holiday decorating ideas and suggestions. And while the tried-and-true suggestions like hanging a wreath on the door and decorated dining room table are always nice, it’s also nice to spruce things up now and then.

But there are only so many ways to hang a wreath, of course. Whether you opt for traditional red and green or try more muted hues to complement your Southwest furniture, in the end, the theme is the same: It’s the holiday season. And it’s time to decorate.

We can’t guarantee all of these holiday decorating ideas will be new to you, but hopefully at least a few of them will be inspirational and useful. Feel free to take these tips and add your own twists as you deck your halls as you see fit.

  1. Lighten up.

    Instead of traditional red and green, try going for a monochrome hue this year. Stick to silver or gold, or just decorate with red. Red will give everything a vintage look, especially if you have Western furniture. And no matter what hues you use, use plenty of string lights. They will give everything a perfect soft glow.Focus on the kitchen. Many times the kitchen is the most overlooked room in a home when it comes to holiday decorating. But think about it: The kitchen and the holiday season go hand-in-hand, especially since it’s where the delicious food is made. Swap out your dish towels and oven mitts for holiday versions. Add a little garland to the top of your cupboards. A little bit goes a long way.

  2. Make a wreath out of Christmas ornaments.

    If you’ve been decking your halls for many years, you probably have some old ornaments you’re not sure what to do with. But those silver and gold balls from the late 90s when you had a theme tree don’t have to continue to gather dust. Design your own Christmas wreath—thanks to all the DIY blogs, it’s easy—and hang it on your wall or even your front door.

  3. Hang something new over the mantel this year.

    Instead of your standard stocking display, string up some wire and clothespins and hang up your holiday cards. That way you can enjoy them without them cluttering up your mantel or tabletop, and your guests can read them during your get-togethers. You can always swap them for your stockings on Christmas Eve if you have young children living at home.

  4. Frame your doorways.

    If you’d rather not mess with your fireplace mantel, you can display your cards in another creative way: Hang garland around your largest entryway and clip your cards to it. It’s simple but beautiful.

  5. Have yourself a handmade Christmas.

    Just once, try and decorate using only handmade, DIY or upcycled items. It’s easier than you think, especially if you hit up your local craft fairs and holiday markets. You can be certain that your home will have a one-of-a-kind look.

  6. Consider an alternative tree.

    Whether you don’t have much space to spare or you just want a tree in every room, you can conserve space with a non-traditional “tree.” Arrange Christmas lights and evergreen branches on your wall to look like a tree or stack the books in your office to look like a literary tree.

  7. Bring out the bling.

    If classic Christmas decorations aren’t your style, make your home sparkle. Think silver star balloons, thick strands of LED lights, dazzling ornaments and disco balls. Your home will look sophisticated and chic.

  8. Merry Christmas, deer.

    Reindeer decor has been popping up at holiday craft shows this year, and if you have a rustic or Western home, you should get in on the trend. Add some Christmas deer pillows to your sofa to add a charming touch to the entire room.

  9. Don’t neglect your staircase.

    If you have a staircase in your home, make it shine this holiday season. You can choose the classic evergreen garland and tinsel if you’d like, but bushels of greenery tied to the posts or elegant red bows are also great options.

  10. Go modern with your mantel this year.

    Get some glowing Christmas letters that spell “Joy” or “Noel” and place them on the mantel with a jar of ornaments that will add a pop of color.

  11. Decorate with natural elements.

    Evergreen boughs and garlands are always lovely additions, but you can also use in season citrus like lemons and oranges. Not only will your home look beautiful, but it will smell wonderful.

Happy holidays!




Feng Shui Tips To Add Luck To Your Home

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching, a time when we celebrate the luck of the Irish. But good luck  or trying to add luck to your home is something all of us could use year round, and just like with most things, it starts at home. Could your home use a little rearranging to give your family a lucky boost? The answer is probably “Yes.”

Feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of creating harmonious surroundings through furniture arrangement, is still a popular practice. And between finding the proper arrangements for your Western furniture and calling on the help of a few lucky charms, you can channel some seriously good fortune (or at least have a well-styled home).

Here are 10 ways to bring good luck into your home on St. Patrick’s Day and beyond:

  1. Work on your furniture arrangement. Some believe that arranging your living room furniture in a circular formation will help the flow of energy. If you’re not up for trying it in your main residence yet, test it out with your cabin furniture. If nothing else, furniture arranged in a circle will encourage conversation, which is always nice. True believers should also place their beds diagonally from the bedroom door to allow good energy to come in.
  2. Gather some horseshoes for decorating. This will be easy to do if you have a Western home or Southwest furniture—they’ll fit right in. Many cultures subscribe to the belief that a horseshoe above the door will bring good luck into the home. But there’s a difference of opinion on which way it should point—some think facing it downward will make fortune fall on whoever passes through the door, while others believe that pointing it upward will ensure that the luck doesn’t run out. Perhaps you’d be wise to invest in more than one horseshoe….
  3. Paint your front door. The color of your door is thought to determine your luck. North-facing doors should be painted blue or black, south-facing doors should be red or orange, east-facing doors are best painted green or brown, and west-facing doors are their luckiest when painted white or gray.
  4. Keep a bowl of oranges in your kitchen. Oranges, like the sun, symbolize positive and life-giving energy. And if there’s anywhere in your home where you should have life-giving energy, it’s the kitchen.
  5. Keep fresh flowers in your rooms. It is believed in feng shui that good fortune will come if you display fresh flowers in your home. This might be the easiest tip of all as well as the most fun. If you want to adhere strictly to feng shui policy, steer clear of thorny stems since they’re thought to block the flow of chi.
  6. Clean your home. It sounds simple, but a home full of dust and clutter is certainly not a lucky one. Declutter your closets and countertops to get a head start on spring cleaning. Organize your drawers and clean your floors, windows and furniture. Wash any dirty clothes that have piled up on your floors or in your hampers. You’ll notice an instant elevation in your mood, and you just might start feeling luckier right away.
  7. Whether or not you believe in the theories of feng shui, natural elements are grounding. Make sure you have something representing wood, earth, metal, fire and water in every room. The goal is to create an environment that is grounded, centered and balanced. For example, you can place a wooden bowl filled with small pebbles alongside a candle and a vase of flowers.
  8. The color red is thought to attract luck and abundance. Try accenting with some red pillows in a room or paint an accent wall a muted red hue.
  9. When spring and summer arrive, flood your home with natural light. Open doors to let fresh air inside. Keep windows open whenever you can. Nature brings us joy, so put up paintings or photographs of nature and its beautiful scenery.
  10. Decorate your home with items that make you feel lucky. Creating a gallery wall of your family photos will reminds you of how lucky you are to have each other. Display your diplomas, travel photos and other items that make you feel fortunate. This will help keep you in a lucky and happy mindset, which is exactly what your home should do.

Have a lucky year!

The Rustic Holiday Christmas Decorating Guide

Holiday Christmas Decorating Deerfield Candle Holder

Whether you have a small mountain cabin or a sprawling urban house, adding a rustic touch to your holiday Christmas decorating will add warmth and make your rooms seem more inviting. Adding natural accents and textures to your traditional holiday decor can easily incorporate rustic touches. Plus, the theme allows for a lot of creativity.

Winter might be the best time to have a rustic home. Rustic style decorating, whether year round or just during the holidays, is achieved through a heavy use of texture, natural materials and neutral hues. Incorporate a few modern elements and you’ll have a rustic chic look. Since this is a busy time of year, go for holiday decorating that can be done in a day or two. We’ll provide a complete guide to getting your rooms, Western furniture and outdoor space ready for the season.

Front Door

Every front door needs a wreath for the holiday season. But if you’d rather not go for the traditional option, buy or make one made from grapevine and twigs. Add some small string lights and you’ll be ready to greet guests.

If you have a front porch or patio, have some fun decorating it. Fill some planters with pine branches, pine cones and Christmas tree ornaments. Wrap some cardboard boxes and place them in a little red wagon. Sprucing up the front of your home will make it look more inviting.

Living Room

Have fun with the fireplace mantel. Hang burlap stockings and line the mantel with evergreen branches. Line it with mason jar lights, which are mason jars and discarded glass containers with metallic paint on their interiors. Instead of artwork above the mantel, add a sense of dimension with a large wheel. Lace the wheel with a simple garland.

So, how do you decorate a rustic Christmas tree? We recommend using twine ball ornaments, white lights, a burlap garland and some vintage ornaments. But a classic red and green theme never ceases to be beautiful. Wrap your gifts in brown paper with a fabric strip layered over the middle and a pine cone tied on top.

Add some subtle touches to the rest of the room: replace your sofa pillows with holiday-themed pillows, add a wreath or two to the wall and swap out your usual coffee table book for a Christmas classic.

Dining Room

You can get fancy with tablescapes and layered place settings if you’d like, but keeping it simple is a lot less time consuming and will look just as lovely. If you have a nice handmade furniture dining set, you don’t want to completely cover it up anyway.

We recommend sticking to a rustic glam centerpiece: line an old crate with a white or silver table runner,then add some faux branches, silver and gold ornaments and pine cones. This is simple to assemble and adds a little sparkle to the table. Then just set the table with your fine china or holiday place settings. Don’t forget the colored napkins!

Master Bathroom

Don’t skip decorating rooms like the bathroom. You want the holiday theme to carry throughout your home. And speaking of themes, the bathroom is the perfect place to showcase your matching decor.

Ideas for bathroom themes: snowmen, Santa Claus, blue and silver, snowflakes, vintage, holly and ivy…this is the space to get creative and have fun.

Short on time? Decorate with holiday towels and hang festive ornaments on your shower curtain rings to dress up a plain shower curtain.

Spare Spaces

Want to decorate the entire house? Leave no space unturned and take these tips into consideration:

Replace all the rugs in your home with holiday themed rugs. These don’t have to be red and green―sticking to neutral hues will help you keep the rustic look.

Tie ribbons around your interior doors to make every door in your home look like it was gift-wrapped.

If you live in a two story home, don’t forget to wrap some garland and white lights around the banister.

Take advantage of the small spaces you’re not currently utilizing and add some decorative items. For example, the space between your china hutch and the wall is the perfect spot for a large glass vase filled with ornaments, twigs and string lights.

Decorate your bar cart! Swap out your regular bar glasses for holiday themed glasses and light candles when guests are visiting. Filling a wine bottle with lights makes a spectacular centerpiece.

Turn your kitchen’s coffee station into a “milk and cookies for Santa” station. Set out some packets of cocoa placed in Christmas mugs and write a note to “Santa” on your chalkboard.

Create a display from the cards you receive. Hang them on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Happy holidays!







Your 2015 Furniture Resolutions


As the year comes to an end, it’s time to focus on those New Year’s resolutions. And while we most often make resolutions regarding our health, fitness and finances, you can also choose to make a fresh start in how you choose to buy, maintain and arrange your furniture. The furniture plays a big role in the look and feel of your home.

Start the New Year off with these 2015 furniture resolutions:

  1. Resolve to only buy furniture that is comfortable. It’s easy to get so caught up in the way something looks that you forget the comfort factor. Before you bring new Western furniture home, test it. Sit on the couch, lean back on the chairs, and lie down on the mattress to see if they will work.
  2. Resolve to learn how to take care of your leather furniture. Your leather pieces will last for many years if you give them the proper care.
  3. Resolve to only buy what you need. Pay attention to what your home really needs, not what you think you need. You don’t want your home to look too cluttered, and by buying less you can invest more time and money in quality pieces that will last longer.
  4. Resolve to invest in more handmade furniture. Often high in quality and long-lasting, handmade pieces also offer plenty of character and give your home a more unique look.
  5. Resolve to express yourself with your furniture. It’s important to express yourself fully with your wardrobe, hairstyle, home accessories and the furniture you own. Choose a style that resonates with who you are, and trust your tastes.
  6. Resolve to learn the true art of furniture arrangement. Did you know you should leave some space between your couch and the wall and that small pieces of furniture can actually make a room look smaller? In 2015, become a pro at arranging furniture. You can have amazing furniture, but if it doesn’t flow, it will still look and feel all wrong.
  7. Resolve to adopt a more minimalist approach to decorating. Clear the clutter from your furniture. Only buy what you need, and only display some of what you have. You can always swap out your accessories every season.
  8. Resolve to make your bedroom the best it can be. You spend about one third of your life sleeping, and hopefully you spend plenty of time in your bedroom relaxing and recharging. If it’s been awhile since you’ve replaced your mattress, invested in some new dressers or rearranged your bedroom set, let 2015 be the year you prioritize your sleeping space.
  9. Resolve to buy the best furniture you can afford. If you stick to the resolution to only buy what you need, that will free your budget to splurge on the best possible pieces.
  10. Resolve to try at least one new trend. Sites like Pinterest make it easy to try popular DIY projects.
15 Unique Holiday Decor Ideas For The Rustic Home

front-door-l 38185-Rustic-Christmas

It’s time to bring holiday cheer to your home by decorating it to celebrate this special time of year. Rather than resorting to your standard decor, mix it up with some fresh new ideas. If you need some inspiration, look no further. Creative, unexpected and fun, these holiday decorating ideas are sure to wow.

  1. For a living room filled with Western furniture, go for a rustic Christmas tree. Add some pinecones, snowflakes and other vintage ornaments. Choose a color scheme that complements your living room decor. Add some unexpected ornaments as well, such as silk flowers.
  2. Create a vignette in the dining room. A wintry piece of art is a unique way to set the tone for the holiday season.
  3. Use unexpected hues. Red and green are classics for a reason—they evoke the essence of the holidays. But try adding some silver or amethyst decor to a room for a little variety.
  4. Create a rustic wreath by adding a burlap bow to the center. Hang it in the window instead of on the front door.
  5. Place a group of festive lanterns in your entryway for some quick and easy holiday decor. Add some tree trimmings to the interiors and use flameless candles.
  6. Arrange wooden letters to spell “NOEL” or “BELIEVE” and place them on a wall shelf. Add some string lights and a small wreath.
  7. Do you have Southwest furniture in your living room or family room? Match the gifts under your tree to your room theme. Use brown wrapping paper and add decorative items like feathers, belt buckles and turquoise ribbon.
  8. Want to go Western? Collect some old cowboy hats or straw hats and create a cowboy hat Christmas tree on your wall. Hang the hats in a tree shape and top it off with a decorative star.
  9. If you’re the crafty type, you can make Christmas stockings from old jeans. Otherwise, but them on a site like Etsy.
  10. If you have pendant lights in your kitchen, dress them up with garland. Drape garland around your staircase as well, if you have one.
  11. Open an old trunk and fill it with garland, lights and pinecones.
  12. Add some holiday cheer to your outdoor space as well. Wreaths, candles and large glowing orbs will all look great on your patio or in the backyard.
  13. Set your dining room table with vintage holiday dishes—the more mismatched, the better.
  14. Wrap white Christmas lights in burlap and string them just about anywhere in your home.
  15. Create a rustic-chic fireplace mantel. Set an old chalkboard in the center and write a holiday message such as “Peace, Joy and Love” or “Merry Christmas.” Add some candles, string lights and any other items you have on hand. The fireplace is often the focal point of the room, so spend enough time to make it look just right.



Western Themed Thanksgiving Tablescapes


If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, make sure you take some time to decorate your dining room table. The gathering spot where your loved ones come to enjoy the fruits of your labor should look fun and festive. Whether you’re hosting a formal affair or a casual meal, the tablescape can set the tone for the entire experience.

Dining rooms with Western furniture will look great with Western-themed tablescapes. Here are a few ideas:

  • Instead of having a large centerpiece, try an end piece! Group wine or liqueur bottles, a small pumpkin or squash, and a small bouquet of dried flowers together at the end of the table. By keeping the center of the table clear, you won’t have to worry about guests straining to see each other.
  • Arrange dried flowers in a (new or very clean) cowboy boot. Place small votives around it. Use burlap for your table runner.
  • Pour corn kernels into mason jars until they are about halfway full. Nestle candles into the corn kernels. Place several around your table.
  •  For a unique twist, set cloth napkins and silverware inside a mason jar and set it to the left of each plate.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Three Ways To Help Mom Around The House This Mother’s Day


Mothers are the greatest, and the mom who lives in your home is no exception. One of the nicest and easiest ways to treat her right on Mother’s Day is to help out around the house. Surprise her this Sunday with one (or all) of these ideas.

1. Do the chores she dreads the most. Some people love to vacuum but hate to dust. Others would rather do dishes all day than deal with laundry. Imagine how she’ll feel when she wakes up this weekend and realizes those troublesome tasks are already done.

2. Rearrange the furniture. If she’s been talking about moving the couch across your living room or rearranging the bedroom set to be more efficient, do it for her while she’s out of the house. To earn extra points, sneak a new piece of Western furniture or handmade furniture she’s been coveting into the new layout.

3. Cook her a meal, but go all out. Don’t just heat something up and leave her with a mess to clean. Shop for ingredients, spend some time on the recipe, set the table properly and enjoy a lovely meal together as a family. Then, send her away to relax while you tackle the dishes. This is her special holiday, so spoil her accordingly.

Three Great Father’s Day Decorating Ideas

cache_500_400_0_100_100_-5Mother’s Day gets lots of attention every year, and rightly so. Most moms do a superhuman amount of work to keep their family on track. But if you’re lucky enough to have a Dad who is an important figure in your life, Father’s Day is a big deal too. In fact, your father just might deserve a real party this year instead of just a card or a pair of cufflinks. Here are 3 decorating ideas to bring a smile of appreciation to his face.

  • Take every ugly tie you and your siblings have bought your Dad over the last 15 years and use them to make a banner. Tie them onto a piece of bunting or clothesline with the fat end of each tie hanging down. Cut out felt or construction paper letters and glue or pin them on, one per tie, to spell out “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY”. Tell your father he’s has permission to ceremonially burn the ties at the end of the party. He is hereby released from any future responsibility to wear any accessories you’ve bought him in the past.
  • Did your Dad take you lots of different places when you were a kid? Gather up all the pictures you can find of your father. Create a treasure hunt of framed photos throughout the house with landmarks that remind you of some of the good times you had. For example, he’ll find a snapshot of the two of you together at a hockey game when he opens up the refrigerator. Or, there will be a picture floating in a water-tight bag in the bathtub showing the two of you at the community swimming pool when you were five.
  • Buy a new leather recliner and have it delivered to your Dad’s house. Put a big red bow on it like you see in those commercials where someone gets a sports car for Christmas. Spritz the chair with a little Ozium New Car Scent to make the chair irresistible (spray the underside of the chair so you don’t damage the leather). You get bonus brownie points from Mom if Dad agrees to get rid of his ratty old plaid recliner.

Prefer to decorate with food? Find delicious and delightful cupcake ideas for Father’s Day here.

Decorating Ideas for Saint Patrick’s Day

Are you looking for some decorating ideas that will make St. Patty’s day a celebration to remember? We’ve got some fun ideas for ways to get a little Celtic with your exterior home décor this March.

  • Run an Irish flag or “bratach na hÉireann” up the flagpole. Sure, half your neighbors will think, “It’s a little early for Cinco de Mayo”, but that’s because they aren’t looking closely. There are no eagles or snakes on this flag – just like there are no snakes in Ireland.
  • If you live in a rural area, put out some corn for the deer as a reminder of a favorite legend of St. Patrick (the one where he supposedly turned into a deer to escape capture).
  • Mow a Triquetra symbol into your yard. This Irish Trinity Knot is a lovely lawn pattern. Plus, you can tell people it’s a crop circle left there by little green men.
  • Replace your garden gnome’s hat with a leprechaun’s bowler for a day. Put a stein full of green beer (or water with food coloring in it) nearby for extra luck!
Fun Decorating Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Do you need unexpected and endearing decorating ideas for Valentine’s Day? You want something that doesn’t involve teddy bears, roses, red hearts or anything else that’s too cliché. Here are a few quirky concepts you might choose from to celebrate the season of romance this year:

1.     Decorate the front room with sea shells in glass apothecary jars. This could bring to mind long walks on the beach. Or, it could signify the fact that your loved one is the hermit crab that finds a home in the empty shell of your heart. What a perfect fit!

2.     Surprise your lover by redoing the bedroom in the theme of a favorite romantic TV show or movie such as The Love Boat. Because nothing says “I love you” better than a cardboard cutout of Captain Merrill Stubing.

3.     Dress up the kitchen with white lace curtains and tablecloth if you are making a special dinner. This is a reminder of your wedding day – or all that lace could represent getting caught in the web of marriage…

What would put a smile on the face of the one you love? Remember, the couple that laughs together loves together!