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Hybrid mattresses have the highest sleep satisfaction of any mattress available

Hybrid mattresses have the highest sleep satisfaction of any mattress available
Posted on: June 2nd, 2017 by batr No Comments

Hybrid mattresses are an affordable luxurious optionHybrid mattresses provide you with the best sleep any mattress has to offer, with the greatest value for your money. Hybrid mattresses combine the comfort of innerspring coils with memory foam layers on top to provide a blend of luxurious support for a good night’s sleep.  Today’s memory foam has many enhancements like cooling gel which helps keep the mattress at a comfortable sleeping temperature.  You can find the right comfort level for the type of firmness you prefer from very plush to very firm.  Hybrid mattresses provide comfort and support in the perfect balance for all people and that is why they have become so popular today. In a study performed by Furniture Today hybrid mattresses had a higher satisfaction score than any other type of sleep set. Hybrids are also the fastest growing segment of the mattress industry.

Comfort and contouring

The great thing about hybrid mattresses is that they provide supreme comfort. The memory foam or gel top layer gives you excellent comfort because the material conforms to your body and helps distribute your weight more evenly providing comfort and reliving possible pain in your joints. The foam layer allows your body to achieve a superior posture. It helps by keeping your spine extended keeping your back straight and your shoulders erect.


Hybrid mattresses offer comfort and support.  The innersprings provide the support your body needs for proper back and neck alignment which can relieve muscle tension.

Edge support

Hybrid mattresses have a large sleeping surface because of how they are designed.  You can sleep on any part of the mattress and get the same support whether you are in the middle or on the very edge of the mattress.


Hybrid mattresses are an affordable luxurious option that provide comfort and support. Whether you’re looking for a plush mattress or the firmest mattress available you can get what you need with a hybrid mattress.  Hybrids combine the best qualities of economical mattresses put into layers that provide maximum comfort.  These materials are not expensive like latex mattresses and thus the production cost is not very high.  They are low-maintenance and durable, which makes them extremely cost effective in the long run.

At Back at the Ranch we carry hybrids from Sealy Posturepedic and Beautyrest currently.  Come into either of our locations in Gunnison or Salida and test them out for yourself.