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The Ultimate Master Suite Makeover

The Ultimate Master Suite Makeover
Posted on: January 16th, 2017 by batr

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With the arrival of each new year, everyone stops to take stock of what is and isn’t working in their lives, and that includes their home. And while major renovations and remodels in every room are always tempting, what matters most is often the place where you spend the most time. Since you spend roughly one third of your life sleeping, by default, which would be your bedroom.

Whether you last made changes to your bedroom six months ago or sixteen years ago, you can probably admit that a change would do it some good. More often than not, people sacrifice redecorating their bedrooms for other more visible ventures—new handmade furniture in the dining room, painting the exterior, new hardwood floors, or even vacation homes or new cabin furniture.

It’s 2017, and we’re officially giving you permission to focus on yourself and the space where you get dressed, relax, and dream. The ultimate master suite makeover is easier than you think. We’ll break it down into small steps you can take, and by the end of the year you’ll feel like you have a whole new bedroom.

First, Find Inspiration

This is the most fun part. Browse blogs, buy design magazines, and look at endless Pinterest pictures. Narrow it down to two or three images you really love and best represent the look and feel you want to create.

Once you have your inspirational images, make a list of the elements you enjoy most about them. Focus on specific furniture styles, colors and accessories you want in your bedroom. This will help you figure out what you want quickly.

Next, Focus on Furniture

If you’re on a budget, you may not be able to afford entirely new furniture—but unless you’ve got a major issue (your bed hurts your back, for example), you won’t need it. Freshen things up by adding new nightstands, an armchair or a bench at the foot of the bed. If your bed doesn’t need replacing but you’re tired of the way it looks, you can always invest in a new headboard (or make a DIY version).

Decide What to Keep, What to Revamp and What to Buy

Take a look at each item in your bedroom with fresh eyes. Decide what will work with your new theme, what definitely won’t, and what will, with a little effort (a coat of paint, reframing a photo, repurposing accent furniture). Once you have your “keepers,” you can plan accordingly.

Decorate Those Walls

Painting your walls will make a huge difference in the way your room looks. If you don’t want to commit to painting all four walls, an accent wall will look beautiful. Then pick out paintings, pictures or other decorative items you want to hang on the walls.

Choose Better Lighting

Lighting has a huge influence on a room, especially your bedroom. Keeping overhead lighting to a minimum or at least using low wattage bulbs will help keep the room feeling relaxing and mellow. Try some bedside lamps or sconces that offer practical reading light and ambient light.

Look at Your Linens

First, although they won’t be seen by the outside eye, you should definitely invest in new sheets. After all, is there anything better than crawling into a newly made bed with fresh, crisp linens? Good quality sheets aren’t cheap, but they also go on sale often. Add a cozy new quilt or duvet and some accent pillows and you’ll be in love with your new bed, even if the mattress and frame are several years old.

Put Up Window Treatments

Adding new window treatments will really allow your bedroom to feel pulled together. Draperies are a classic choice, and many times they’re also the best choice. They add a fullness and softness nothing else can. Roman shades are another beautiful and classic choice.

Finish With Feng Shui

Whether or not you’re a believer, feng shui is an ancient practice that has a huge following. Researching its roots is fascinating. And while it would be impossible to incorporate every concept into your home, there are definitely a few things you can do to make your bedroom more peaceful. Try the following:

  • Don’t store anything under your bed. According to feng shui, every item has its own energy. The more things you pile under the bed, the less space there is for your own energy to pass through while you sleep. Of course, if you have no other storage options, you won’t have a choice. Just keep the area under your bed as clear as possible.
  • Let go of the past. Keeping treasured items and mementos is one thing, but keeping items out of obligation or reluctance to let go will just weigh you down, emotionally and otherwise.
  • Don’t skip out on the headboard. The head of your bed should feel purposeful, so having a headboard is important, even if it’s a DIY one.
  • Fix things that are broken. It’s easy to push aside small problems like squeaky doors, but you’ll feel so much better once everything is done.