Live Edge Coffee Table

Our custom live edge coffee tables give you the opportunity to capture nature’s beauty and bring it into your cabin or mountain home. Crafted from sustainable hardwoods, each one-of-a-kind table reflects the individual characteristics of the tree it was harvested from. Choose from a wide range of finishes, slabs, and legs for the perfect fit your your living room, office, or business. Call Store for availability and pricing.



Additional Information

  • Measurements vary per each, call our store for the current slab inventory. 
  • Each piece is unique, custom, and handmade
  • Constructed from solid wood from the Monkey Pod tree (Albizia Saman)
  • High quality, sustainably sourced wood
  • Knots, small checks, and seasonal splits are considered part of the wood’s natural beauty and are preserved in the final tabletop design. 


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Weight1 lbs

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